How do you ignore a user?


Is there a way to ignore particular users?


I already tried and it’s my understanding that the designers of Discourse feel strongly that in the interest of community, no one should be ignored or blocked, so they refused to offer this functionality despite many repeated and heartfelt requests.

Makes me rather annoyed when software designers decide to embed their own weird ideas into their product instead of responding to the needs and wants of their user base.

If this has evolved and there is now such function, perhaps someone can point me to it as I have a short list already of people to ignore.


Might this mute a user function be helpful to you?

That is a screenshot out of my profile area


That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!


Just a quick note. Mute keeps you from being notified when the user posts anything, it does not hide the post like the old vBulletin software.

As @Tis_Bearself states the developers of Discourse have rejected a system to hide all the posts of users you do not want to see.


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