How do you know if a book has an ecclesiastical approbation?


I wanted to know get a book that helps to interpret Scripture–especially Parables. My friend says that I need to get a book that has an ecclesiastical approbation and been officially approved by the Church. How do you know if a book has an ecclesiastical approbation and is approved for study by the Church? The Navarre Bible study was also recommended to me. Has anybody ever used the Navarre Bible study? Thanks again for all your help. May the Lord Jesus bless you always!


They have those approval statements like Imprimatur signed by a competent ecclesiastic authority. Look on the initial pages.


Thanks–so the book has to have an imprimatur at the beginning. Can books ever lose an imprimatur? Are there any other ways to know if a book is in line with the Church’s teachings? Thanks again and God bless!


Yes, I know of one case when Imprimatur was withdrawn. Look out for Nihil Obstat as well. Imprimatur is a permission to print the book, Nihil Obstat says it’s consistent with the Catholic faith.

Sometimes doing some research on the author might help.

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