How do you know if God is calling you to something?

how do you know if a vocation is right for you?

marriage is pretty much out for me. I don’t even want ot go through the process of dating or anything and religious life, not really feeling drawn to that either but I feel like I should do it because I’m not giving enough up otherwise.

what else is there I could do?

or am I just missing a call?

what happens if you are in the wrong vocation?

also, are there any saints that weren’t married or a religious?

Well a vocation isn’t about what we want, it’s asking ourselves what God wants, what He has called us to do in this life. Furthermore, one does not simply run into religious life because they feel that being closer to God means throwing away their lives.:shrug:

Hard to say without having lived your life.

Nothing really; one’s vocation is generally seen as being the easiest way to conform oneself to God’s will, that is, to love. Being “in the wrong vocation” generally means that it may be harder to live out our universal call to holiness than if you had responded to God’s call in the affirmative.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha comes to mind…

So, as I consider it an important step in figuring out how God may be calling one, I suppose I’ll bite the bullet and ask: How do you feel you have encountered Jesus in your life?

well I don’t really know what God wants me to do. I do feel like I am a better witness out in the world than in a convent though but again, it could be selfish desires of things I also want to do like sports or travelling. I feel like we need to evangelize more though; how are we going to get faithful cahtolics when they’re people are dropping like flies and we can’t even get them through the door of the local parish for mass?

The way to bring people to Christ is to be the hands and feet of Christ and to be a good example. Finishing school, being a great employee, a great daughter, a trusted friend is a start.
It’s not our job to save the world It’s our job to follow His will. What is that for you? :shrug:
Pray about it. We can’t know. But if you don’t know either, then do your best, and wait and see.
Not all the saints knew what their vocation was really young. Some did, but it’s not the norm. Life experience and knowing your strengths is helpful. God gave you special gifts. Make a list of what they are…and also, ask others who know you well, what they think your gifts are. You might be surprised.
Something else to ask your Spiritual director when you get one. Time spent in Adoration can bring you peace of mind.

Oh, they come to mass… just usually during Lent, Christmas, and Easter. And as much as we need good and holy clergy and religious, we need good Catholic parents more (in my humble opinion).

I suppose my main question really revolved around how Jesus has manifested Himself in YOUR life though. :smiley:

Have there been any struggles or difficulties in your life?
Have you perhaps done some things you regret?
Have there ever been moments where you have been filled with an inner peace?

If so, how would you explain these life events in relation to your Catholic faith?

(It sounds a little silly maybe with all these questions, but I often find it’s easier to find answers to my own “internal” questions if I provide answers to someone else who is directing the questions. Perhaps this is the case for you as well.)

Vocation is basically about how can one best live their christian life to the fullest? This is individual and the journey to find it takes years. It is about trial and error plus experimentation.

It becomes clear with maturity and simply trying things out. I know I am being vague but I don’t believe we ever loss our vocation because God is constantly teaching us new things that will help other in the future. God loves us so much that if we fail to listen, he will call again and again until we are ready to listen and take that step of faith.

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