How do you know if your reasons for not having another child are selfish?

How do you know whether your reasons for using NFP to avoid another pregnancy (meaning you have other children already) are selfish or not?

If it’s too hard to abstain in phase 2.

(I’m not being flippant, either. I think if you are determined to not get pregnant again, abstinence will win out. If you’re not, you’ll decide to stop abstaining, or at least start getting sloppy in your charting.)


Makes sense.

Currently that’s not the case for hubby and me, though.

talk to your priest if you really are not sure, but generally speaking, most rational parents don’t have selfish reason for postponing for a while.

there are some people who say any sort of self-care is selfish, just ignore things like that. if you need a break, mentally, physically, if finances are tight, if you feel called by god to conrtribute your talent in some othe rarea of life, if your current children need additional care, all of those are just reasons.

I suffer from scruples, so I have often wondered such things myself, and honestly I don’t think I am called to marriage or parenting because just to figure out what is or isn’t sin just causes me too much anxiety but I would say try not to worry about it too much, just do the best you can, God knows your heart

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Thank you @Catholicwife32

selfishness (that is to say, to prefer one’s interest to that of another) in itself is not a sin, and it is even legitimate because the order of charity asks us to prefer ourselves to others. It is when we do unjust acts of selfishness that egoism becomes a sin

This exactly. If we were 100% selfless 100% of the time we’d soon be dead.

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