How do you know that Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven glory?


I’m quite confussed and I don’t understand how Church can confirm the assumption of Mary. Can it be inferred in the Bible? Thank you very much.


I believe it because the Church proclaimed it, and the Church is protected by the Holy Spirit from teaching error in faith and morals.

Do you believe that the Church is protected by the Holy Spirit from teaching error in faith and morals? If you do, then you do not have to rationalize each and every pronouncement of faith/morals. The fact that the Church is protected should be enough for you to believe.


Yes. But I just want to know at least how we can confirm or infer The Assumption of Mary. I think the more I know about Mary, the more I adore her.


I really desire for an answer. Thank you very much.


Extracts from Mary of Agreda

We call that the throne of the Divinity, from which God manifests Himself to the saints as the principal cause of their glory and as the infinite, eternal God, independent of all things and on whose will all creatures depend, from which He manifests Himself as the Lord, as the King, as the Judge and Master of all that is in existence. This dignity Christ the Redeemer possesses, in as far as He is God, essentially, and as far as He is man, through the hypostatic union, by which He communicates his Godhead to the humanity. Hence in heaven He is the King, the Lord and supreme Judge; and the saints, though their glory exceeds all human calculation, are as servants and inferiors of this inaccessible Majesty. In this the most holy Mary participates in a degree next inferior and in a manner otherwise ineffable and proportionate to a mere creature so closely related to the Godman; and therefore She assists forever at the right hand of her Son as Queen (Ps. 44, 10), Lady and Mistress of all creation, her dominion extending as far as that of her divine Son, although in a different manner.

After placing the most blessed Mary on this exalted and supereminent throne, the Lord declared to the courtiers of heaven all the privileges She should enjoy in virtue of this participation in his majesty. The Person of the eternal Father, as the first principle of all things, speaking to the angels and saints, said to them: “Our Daughter Mary was chosen according to our pleasure from amongst all creatures, the first one to delight Us, and who never fell from the title and position of a Daughter, such as We had given Her in our divine mind; She has a claim on our dominion, which We shall recognize by crowning Her as the legitimate and peerless Lady and Sovereign.” The incarnate Word said: “To my true and natural Mother belong all the creatures which were created and redeemed by Me; and of all things over which I am King, She too shall be the legitimate and supreme Queen.” The Holy Ghost said: “Since She is called my beloved and chosen Spouse, She deserves to be crowned as Queen for all eternity.”


Having thus spoken the three divine Persons placed upon the head of the most blessed Mary a crown of such new splendor and value, that the like has been seen neither before nor after by any mere creature. At the same time a voice sounded from the throne saying: “My Beloved, chosen among the creatures, our kingdom is Thine; Thou shalt be the Lady and the Sovereign of the seraphim, of all the ministering spirits, the angels and of the entire universe of creatures. Attend, proceed and govern prosperously over them, for in our supreme consistory We give Thee power, majesty and sovereignty. Being filled with grace beyond all the rest, Thou hast humiliated Thyself in thy own estimation to the lowest place; receive now the supreme dignity deserved by Thee and, as a participation in our Divinity, the dominion over all the creatures of our Omnipotence. From thy royal throne to the centre of the earth Thou shalt reign; and by the power We now give Thee Thou shalt subject hell with all its demons and inhabitants. Let all of them fear Thee as the supreme Empress and Mistress of those caverns and dwelling–places of our enemies. In thy hands and at thy pleasure We place the influences and forces of the heavens, the moisture of the clouds, the growths of the earth; and of all of them do Thou distribute according to thy will, and our own will shall be at thy disposal for the execution of thy wishes. Thou shalt be the Empress and Mistress of the militant Church, its Protectress, its Advocate, its Mother and Teacher. Thou shalt be the special Patroness of the Catholic countries; and whenever they, or the faithful, or any of the children of Adam call upon Thee from their heart, serve or oblige Thee, Thou shalt relieve and help them in their labors and necessities. Thou shalt be the Friend, the Defender and the Chieftainess of all the just and of our friends; all of them Thou shalt comfort, console and fill with blessings according to their devotion to Thee. In view of all this We make Thee the Depositary of our riches, the Treasurer of our goods; we place into thy hands the helps and blessings of our grace for distribution; nothing do We wish to be given to the world, which does not pass through thy hands; and nothing do We deny, which Thou wishest to concede to men. Grace shall be diffused in thy lips for obtaining all that Thou wishest and ordainest in heaven and on earth, and everywhere shall angels and men obey Thee; because whatever is ours shall be thine, just as Thou hast always been ours; and Thou shalt reign with Us forever.”


How do you know or doubt that she wasn’t? Oh, Tomous, ye of little faith…
We accept on faith what the Church has declared.



Song of Solomon 6:9 My dove(Mary), my perfect one, is only one, the darling of her mother, flawless (sinless) to her that bore her. The maidens saw her and called her happy; the queens and concubines also, and they praised her. Song of Solomon 6:4 You (Mary) are beautiful as Tirzah, my love, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners. Song of Solomon 6:10 “Who is this (Mary)that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?” Said by the Angles who were all in Awe of Mary a when they seen her in the Empyrean Heaven and acclaimed so sirach 24:18 I am the mother (Mary)of beautiful love, of fear, of knowledge, and of holy hope; being eternal, I therefore am given to all my children (Gen 3:15), to those who are named by him(Jesus).

). If Enoch and Elijah who were born sinners and led a life of penance, but yet was assumed into Heaven, How much more the Mother of God born without the original sin and lived a holy life, will she not be in the heaven praying for all of us Luke 1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God.”. Luke 1:45 And blessed is she who believed that there would be[a] a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord.” Psalms 118:23 This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes. Hope you find the Truth.

Revelation 12:1-2 A great portent appeared in heaven: a woman (Mother Mary) clothed with the sun (Glory Wisdom 7:26 For she (Mother Mary) is a reflection of eternal light=Jesus John 8:12 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of his goodness.), with the moon under her feet (Power given to Her in the Church By Jesus on the Cross the last Treasure and the most important before his death only then he could finishes the will of God ), and on her head a crown of twelve stars (12 Apostles and the 12 Tribes of Israel) (Queen of Heaven also Co -redeemer). 2 She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pangs, in the agony of giving birth.

Luke1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God.”

James 1:6 But ask in faith, never doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind; 7, 8 for the doubter, being double-minded and unstable in every way, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.


You can find a lot of information with a simple google search. These are the first 3 links that I found:

The Assumption of Mary by Tim Staples

How to Argue for the Assumption by Jason Evert

The Assumption in History by Tim Staples


The more I know about Mary, the more I adore her. I think we have the right to question The Church to increase our faith. Yeah, We accept what The Church teaches and we should also understand its nature. So you don’t want to increase you faith so that you can love God more? Maybe You love God enough but I haven’t yet to love Him enough. Therefore, I have to find the way to love Him more. OK. God bless you.


You’ve made my day!


How thoughtful!


Coming from another approach, if your question is more related to why the Catholic view of Mary is right vs. some other Christian view (say, Protestants, who usually don’t believe in the Assumption), then I’d like to point out that the Assumption is a universal belief for all ancient, apostolic churches.

The Reformers and their legacy rejected what they thought were Roman Catholic corruptions. But perhaps they were ignorant of the fact that the Assumption is not just a Roman Christian belief, but a Byzantine one. And a Syriac one. And a Coptic one. In other words, not only Catholics, but Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox (which are not the same communions) ALSO believe in the Assumption of Mary. That is to say, all modern churches that reach back into Apostolic origins ACCEPT and CELEBRATE the Assumption (though they call it the Dormition).

I think this is worth taking into account.


Honestly, faithful Catholics should accept the Church’s dogma without question. Not everything that the Church teaches is declared dogma, but the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been, so we need to regard it as a divine revelation given to the Church by God.

This divine revelation of the Assumption isn’t based on Sacred Scripture but on the Sacred Tradition of the Church. Trust and believe the Church in regards to its dogmas.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the reasons behind Catholic beliefs and practices. We are certainly permitted and encouraged to understand the reasons for our Faith…embracing the Church’s teachings doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to search and study for the reasons behind what we’re doing.


I’m sure the links ShowerofRoses shared will be more useful than my post, but the Assumption is sort of the corollary of the Immaculate Conception. If Mary was conceived without sin and lived a sinless life, then it wouldn’t make sense for her to undergo the bodily corruption and decay that is a consequence of Original Sin.

Plus, we don’t have her body. :slight_smile: We have relics of all the earliest saints that exist through to the present day. But nothing of Mary. Just as with the empty tomb of Jesus, Mary’s empty tomb supports the idea that she was assumed into heaven body and soul.

EDIT: Editing to add that, for Marian feast days in particular, if you want to find the Scriptural support for the doctrine, just look at the readings for the liturgy. In this case, Revelation 12 and Luke 1.


It goes the other way around. We know that Our Lady was assumed body and soul into heaven the same way we know that the New Testament belongs to the Holy Scriptures.

It isn’t as if the body of written work we recognize as the Christian contribution to the Bible isn’t the only religious writing generated or still in existence that was attributed to eyewitnesses to the Resurrection or the earliest days of the Church!! We know which of the documents generated by members of the early Church belong in the canon of Holy Scriptures because the Church determined which ones belong there and which ones don’t.

But…that isn’t necessarily what you were asking. I believe there is a passage in Revelations alludes to it–The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of for twelve hundred and sixty days. (Rev. 12:6)–but the event of the Assumption is not explicitly mentioned in the New Testament. (By the way, do not quote me as an interpreter of the Book of Revelations!! That is way above my pay grade. I was only citing an example that could be seen in that way, not giving a “proof text”!!)


Thank you so much for saying this! (Also for the links)

I’m honestly baffled. Often people come here asking sincere questions about the faith and are made to feel a bit embarassed just for asking a question. This thread is an example. I thought the original poster’s question was polite and thoughtful. Why are they being treated negatively by some just for asking? I’m confused.


If you want to know more about Mary I would recommend getting Tim Staples book behold your mother…

God Bless


Indeed. Jesus is the Truth. And the Church was established by Christ to lead us into all truth. So we never need to fear honest questions. There are reasons for every doctrine and teaching that go beyond “because the Church says so.”

If someone wants to just say, “I’m not sure I understand the Assumption, but I will believe it anyway because I trust the Church,” then that is certainly fine to do. But if other well meaning people are looking for explanations, we needn’t dismiss them. Understanding the reasons behind the doctrines often provide moments of grace to help deepen our faith. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. The OP wasn’t asking in a hostile way.

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