How do you know? Vocations


How did you know if you had chosen the right vocation?
I know this is a personal question and I completely understand if people don’t want to answer it.

Recently, I’ve felt a desire to look into being a nun or sister. However, I also have a desire to marry and have a family. Granted, I’m still in high school and I am praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance and I still have time.
It is around the time I need to start looking at colleges and majors/minors and I’ve been a bit lost in that department. I have many interests but I can’t pinpoint which I’d want to pursue. Sometimes that makes me wonder if I’m supposed to go to college since it seems to unclear.

I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to be looking for. My dad had an injury which led him to his profession and my mom just somehow knew because she was finally exposed to guys after and all girls high school and knew she should get married.
Is there a feeling or a sign? Did anyone know during college or before? I don’t want to just wander and never find anything and then not fulfill God’s plan.


Prayer, prayer, prayer.

Did I say prayer? And frequent reception of the Sacraments


As you are still in H. S. you have time to think about where you feel most directed. If religious life is your direction it will ever on your mind and calling to you. As for college why not register for a couple courses that appeal to you such as art or music and see if that would help in some discernment of one path or another. You could also consider becoming a lay missionary within the church. A friend became a lay missionary with the Maryknoll Sisters. You are blessed to live in a country where there so many opportunities. Let us know things go for you and we will pray that you make a happy choice.


MANY things to help you discern. Talk to your Priest and he will be able to guide you to someone who will help you. AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE in Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament asking God what His will is for you.


JUST please give it the time and discernment it needs to make the decision. I wish I had done so many years ago when I was thinking about being a cloistered Carmelite. I didn’t seek out counsel, I didn’t pray enough about it, I let other people’s opinions distract me. It is something I regret to this day that I didn’t give it the most consideration that I should have.


Thank you for all the resources! Father Mike is great and I look forward to watching his videos. I guess I wonder if going to college would distract me from discerning or perhaps aid me in that process. Part of the discernment is in the college department and then also in the vocations area.
I want to trust that God will guide me to what He wants me to do but it’s just the listening part that is hard.


Like many have said here and in other posts PRAYER, DEEP one on one prayer with God is the only way to really know.


Depending on the community, they may require a college degree before entrance. Also, keep in mind that a secular priest may not be the best source of information about religious life.


Something that helped me massively was adoration… going weekly. I know it’s not always possible but if your parish has it then try to go especially in your school holidays when you have a bit more free time. Try to make the whole holy hour regularly, it may seem long at first but it wont be long before the time flies by and it seems like no time at all. I also practiced a devotion to the Sacred heart and first Fridays and spent time praying during the Thursday holy hour which really gave me clarity. I guess that’s another push for what others have said really, prayer and regular reception of the sacraments. Oh of course dont forget regular devotional confession, just cos we only have to go once a year doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go more often. We are quite blessed these days with the internet to watch videos on youtube about nuns and google stuff on third orders and discerning vocations etc. there is plenty of information out there to look into and learn about. Oh if you are on facebook, you may want to follow To Jesus sincerely, a lady who is the best advocate for the vocation of marriage I’ve ever seen, just so you can see how good Catholic marriage is lived out, with God right in the centre… Finally trust in God, He wants you to know your vocation and He will show you in due time. God bless you


Good point!
I’m looking more for discernment help rather than information about religious life.


Thanks! I’d really like to start going to adoration and I’m hoping to be able to drive soon so I’d be able to get there myself.

Thank you for that resource!


Footprints, it really depends on the individual.
For me, it was during my college years, but that totally depends.
Some ‘hear the call’ through a trusted pastor, through seeing sisters in action, etc.
I experienced it in a different way.
Praying for you,
Sr. Christina Marie, OSF


PRAY very much AND end every prayer with JESUS you’re Will NOT my will be done"; teach me what YOU what me to do with my life?

Prayers to and THROUGH Mary are especially helpful for you.

God Bless you,


You need to reflect on how answered prayer has worked in other areas of your life.
Join a prayer group where you pray for people keep a journal write down the prayers and the answers. you receive for other people.
And it will soon be clear what thoughts are yours and what thoughts are from the holy spirit.
You will say “oh that’s how it works”
This is how you learn to hear from God the holy spirit.
Like a child there is a learning curve
God bless and more


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