How do you know when it's him?


I have something that has been harvesting in my mind forever. How do you know when The Lord is trying to lead you to what he wants you to do in life? Does he show signs?

I’ll give a little background.

I’m a mother to four, myself and my husband have been going through ups and downs as far as getting settled. We are unable to purchase a home so we have had to bounce around quite a bit. Add that stress to the stress of everyday living and my anxiety and panic disorder, having more children is te furthest thing from our minds. None of our children were “planned” they were avoided, if you will. However, they’re here and we love them more than anything.

Whenever I try to go to school or work, something bad happens and causes me to have to drop out of college, or I get fired. And then I would get pregnant again. It was kind of like, “stop trying to do that, you belong here”

Which is a bittersweet feeling, as much as I love being a mom, I feel like I can never fully enjoy it because of my panic disorder and our moving situation. Which makes the disorder worse.

So my question is, given the circumstances, is it possible that this is his will and plan for me? To be a homemaker and have children and run the household? Or do I need to just push harder to make something more of myself and help my husband?


I don’t think there’s really a definitive yes it’s him or no it’s not answer for this. You’re definitely in my prayers. Being at home with your children and running the household is a big tough job for anyone. Especially with 4 little ones! If there’s any way humanly possible, and of course if your husband is supportive, I’d consider it a blessing to stay home and raise some new saints, though I’m sure it’ll drive you nuts, there’s plenty of online stay-at-home mom clubs and I’m sure there’s local ones too that can help you.

Thank you for your answer… I guess I just will never know.


Being able to discern the nature of the spirit that is moving you is one of the greatest tools and gifts a person can come across. There was a priest who wrote a book based off of Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, called Discernment Of Spirits. The book really does a great job of showing a person how to determine where to start in the discernment process.

Joshua C.

Have you considered finding a good Spiritual Advisor? They would be more likely to be able to help you, in your specific situation, to determine (discern) where God wants you to be at this time. Ask your priest for a recommendation.

And keep praying to God about it. He is listening, and He loves you. :slight_smile:

Will :gopray2: for you.

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