How do you know?


How do you know God is listening. More importantly, how do you know when he answers you?


Jesus,our Lords peace be whit You.
Faith my friend,faith, If You beleive in God,how can You think He don't hear You? If You beleive in God,how can You think He is not helping You?
It is scary in the begining to end evey prayer before "amen" whit the words:"If it is Your will",it wos for me,and still is sometimes. It is a natural reaction,we are afraid of leave us completely on our faith,a bit like flying,we leave us in the hands of pilots we don't know,but we trust they will take us safely to where ever we may travel,and it is the same thing whit faith,we are afraid of leaving us in the hands of God when we travel trhu this eartly life. But I tell You,God hear us,God helps us if we allowe Him to do so,He forgive our sins,He helps us thru every day.
And how do we know when He ansvers us? Faith one moore time,or maybe as it is whit me,every time a prayer is heard and before it will be ansvered (not always as we wish,but how God see it is best) I find a coin. One thing,do not be proud that God hear You,and ansver Your requests,be humbel.
I offer a Hail Mary to make Your faith stronger,and wish You all the best,and see You in heaven.


Thank you.

It is hard to KNOW. I fear my weaknesses will be reflected in my fatih.
Thanks for the prayers.


I know God is listening because He says He is in His Holy Word, the Bible. He gave us that book by revelation to let us know that He is there and does hear us. I know God hears my pleas because I get answers, not always the ones I want, but He responds. Usually God’s response is something I can’t even think of.

Spend time with the Bible, read His Word. Pray, and then be quiet and listen. Reading the Bible will help you know how God speaks to you. It’s a conversation, and if you are always talking, it’s hard for God to get a word in. So read and consider His Word. Ask, and then wait for His answer.


I feel silly sometimes because of this…but here goes: Usually, not always, I pray in the car…where my radio is :slight_smile: So I’ll turn off the radio and pray, then turn it back on and spin the dial. If I hear something on the radio that seems awefully apropriate to my prayer (lyrics in a song, or an ad for something) I take it as a kind of acknowledgement. I know, it’s silly because anything could pop over the radio, but as far as an audible answer to my prayers, if God can work in many ways why wouldn’t he use my radio? (ex. Going my first Mass I was horribly nervous and almost backed out, but did my radio-prayer routine and it stopped on the last bit of a hair removal commercial that said, “…go on and try it, you’ll be glad you did.” Then when I looked up I saw the statue of Mary and total peace came over me. :shrug: I could be crazy, but it works for me.)

I do the same thing sitting at home but with my Bible. I’ll pray, then flip through the pages and read whichever verse stands out to me on that random page. More often than not I really do feel better after reading it.

When I pray for strength to do something I feel empowered purely out of faith that God heard me and is going to help me if I need it. I don’t necessarily need an instant answer from God, and I still have faith that he heard me even if I don’t hear it over the radio or read it in the Bible.


God listens - of that there is no doubt. Simply because He is God and, as TheRealJuliane says, we are told He hears us in Scripture. He is God after all!

As to your second question - this is the trickier one… In short you often DON"T know when He has answered you. “In God’s time…” “God’s ways are not our ways.”

Try to imagine life as a very big jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle is a prayer you offer up to God. As you piece together that puzzle, we often find there are certain pieces that we just can not find… Yet at the same time, our eyes will from time to time suddenly fall on pieces we weren’t actually looking for, and we will put them straight into the correct part of the jigsaw. The pieces don’t always go in the way we plan them. Yet, at the end of the day, we do find all the pieces. Some of them were just hiding somewhere, or perhaps we did not recognise a piece as being appropriate for the part of the jigsaw we were focusing on…

At the end of the day though, once the pieces have all been put in, in whatever order, our result is a masterpiece that fits together absolutely perfectly! Try to see life and God’s answers to our prayers a little like this. Sometimes we struggle to find certain pieces we are desperate for. In those situations we have just have to exercise patience and keep on searching, knowing that God is working in other parts of our life in ways we don’t always recognise.

Have faith, have patience, and never ever stop praying… even if it seems as if God is not answering… because you can rest absolutely assured… He is!



We know that God is listening because He told us in the Bible.

Sometimes we don’t recognize the answer to our prayers when it happens, sometimes we do. There are times that, even years later, on looking back, we see something that happened in our lives was, in fact, God’s answer to our prayers. We didn’t recognize it because it wasn’t the answer we visualized! God’s ways are not ours. He answers every prayer, but not necessarily in the way we think He should.


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How do you know God is listening. More importantly, how do you know when he answers you?


Here's a great way to know. Get a box or a can. Decorate it however you want to. Every time you have a worry or a concern, write it down on a piece of paper, pray about it, and then put the slip of paper in the box, and LET IT GO. Let God handle it. Do not open the box, and then later on, when you look through the box, you will see that God has handled it even though you didn't think He would.

Even if you take it back again and again, keep writing it down and putting in your "God Can" or "God Box." And don't go back to look too often. You will be amazed at what God does.



This is a good question.

I guess I know God is listening because he answers my prayers. It’s not always the way I intend or think they will be answered, but the prayer is answered. Some prayers I can’t tell (like when I pray for someone else), but I just have to have faith.


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How do you know God is listening. More importantly, how do you know when he answers you?


There are several good answers already posted in this thread, so I'll just share my initial thought in response to your question.

What was: Irrelevant. Whether God listens to my prayers, or answers them, or laughs at them doesn't affect that he's entitled to my worship. There is no quid pro quo.

Fortunately, he assures us that he does care and that he's listening.



Atheist answer: You don't

Religious answer: Hes always listening to you. He knows what you want even before you ask. God will always answer you in one way or anther. Its up to you to find out how. Usually in a way that one would consider 'luck' is usually gods work.




I have a good friend who doesn’t use the word “coincidence.” Instead she calls an unexpected event a “Christ-incidence.”



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I have a good friend who doesn't use the word "coincidence." Instead she calls an unexpected event a "Christ-incidence."



That works too.


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