How do you life your Christian life?


I am curious how other live the Christian life in the world today?

I have self prayer in front of my icons(Eastern Catholic).
I say the rosary, read the Bible and other Catholics books.
Divine Liturgy and the Jesus prayer.

I am curious what others do and how you how you stay strong in the faith with all the trouble of the world.




Prayer and devotions, yes. But also…

No TV.

Rarely go to movies, maybe once or twice a year.

Avoid professional “sports”, as they are nowadays just greedy big business.

In fact, ignore “pop culture” as much as I can.

Daily attendence at AA meetings, helping other alcoholics. (“Faith without works is dead”)

In formation with The Confraternity of Penitens (CFP) at

Just my opinions, YMMV


Lots of prayer.
Prayer with the family in the morning and evening.
Prayer alone when I need help or guidance.

Attending mass as often as possible, usually twice a week on Saturday and Sunday… During the mid week when possible.

Confession at least once a month… But I must confess, I usually make it only every 60 to 70 days.



That almost sounds like a monk. It is had to shut out the media.
What to you do for fun? I do enjoy movies and the football, but I take my Christianity with me.

  1. I AM almost a monk. If I had a Monastery near me, I’d become a member of their Third Order. As it is, The Confraternity of Penitents will do just as well:D

  2. Shutting out the media may be hard at first. But after awhile, you will find yourself with plenty of other things to do. Reading books. Hobbies. Remember when people used to have hobbies?Doing Volunteer work. ((AA in my case).:o

And what are you missing? Hours of inane commercials? Mindless sex and violence?:mad: Lack of physical exercise? :frowning:

OK, this is not a life-style for most people. I think you have to be given the grace to live it in our modern society. But I am quite content with a life that looks dull to onlookers, but conceals a quite JOY. :slight_smile:

Not to mention being a guardian to three cats.:rolleyes:


I pray several times a day, including the Rosary. I think that asking the Blessed Mother to pray for us is so powerful–it’s hard to put into words. It has changed my life for the better. I no longer worry like I used to, and each day I pray for others to see Jesus shining through me. I also feel like I work smarter and better, because I consecrate each day to Christ, to strengthen me for the day…and I look at work, either at home as a wife and mother, or outside as an employee in my company–as an honor, and where God has called me to be. As a Christian, I can’t say enough on how Christ has changed my life, and shaped my daily thinking. It’s not always easy, but even when I fall, knowing that as Catholics we have the beautiful Sacrament of Penance, I can get back up and begin anew.

I can’t imagine not clinging to the Lord daily…really, I can’t imagine it. I don’t want to imagine it.:o


I pray Prime, Lauds and Compline daily, try to get to daily rosary and mass (it’s great living a 2 min walk from a really active church!) help out weekly at a Legion of Mary soup kitchen (though I’m not a legionary myself), go to confession at least once a week, have monthly spiritual direction, and help out once a month at the mass at my local prison.

It really sounds like I’m boasting though. These are an ideal, rather than necessarily something I manage every day.


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