How do you live in the world, but not be of the world?


What advice can you give for living day to day in society, but keeping your mind on Jesus.


Wendy Ann


I struggle with this daily but, practice, practice, practice has brought me closer to the goal. I also have a small black bracelet that says Pray on it when I see multiple times throughout the day as a reminder. When I don’t have the bracelet on, I wear a ring that has a cross on it which I use to remind me.


I have a really hard time with this since I am alone in my faith - my husband is technically a Catholic (sacraments) but does not believe, maybe not even in God. He does take the Eucharist though. :eek: He is extremely worldly and believes it is up to each of us to make our own way in the world and do whatever we need to do. As far as I can tell he doesn’t really believe in miracles or in turning to God for answers. He’s quite all right with his own ideas (which aren’t really his but he thinks so).

When I go to confession weekly and spend time in front of Christ in Adoration, I find I don’t feel as caught up in the world and my spirit is refreshed.

I am not attached to possessions because there is no point - they can be enjoyed but not one thing is going with me when I die!

Good thread!


I tend to go up and down.

One day I’m detached. Car breaks down … car will eventually get fixed. Get a tow … call AAA. whatever. Get it to the garage.

A water leak in the house. Shut it down, take a look, can’t fix it myself, call the plumber.

Other days … omg, five trips to the hardware store in one day.

Some days, at work, there is a report of a problem, get a vehicle, make a field trip, go and take a look.

Other days, … omg, call out the cavalry, bring in reinforcements, turn it into a federal case.

If I can’t get to the adoration chapel one day, I just visualize being there … just by myself alone with Jesus in the Monstrance.


I struggled with this for good 10 years and was trying to balance my faith and secular ideologies in the way I lived my life. It made me miserable and finally there was one moment when I realised that I had to make a choice to completely trust in God and put Him first in my life. What that means for my daily life now is that I pray. I pray every day even if it is short prayers. Divine Mercy chaplet is lovely and the Rosary really helps me stay close to God. Regular confession (once a month for me) and communion is what keeps me nourished. I go about doing things that I have to do (finishing my degree, taking care of family, socialising with people, etc.) but God is always there, no matter what I do. I think this awareness keeps me awake and helps me not to forget that He is what is real, and what the world has to offer is transitory. So even when I get tangled up in worldly things that doesn’t last and I always get back to normal, so to speak.


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