How do you live like a saint?


We all know that the saints suffered and endured a lot all the while thanking and praising God. How does one obtain this
attitude. I have been through a lot in the past and present and
I am sad/ashamed to say that my attitude is more “why me/why is God doing this to me?”. I have a hard time understanding and offering praise and thanksgiving for some of the things that happened.


I think a key thing to do is to read up on what the Saints did during those times. If you look into their lives, then you will be found amongst them.

Another is the practice of ‘offering up’, where you accept the suffering, and give it to Christ, and to ask him to share it with you, because he suffered greatly too.

I think if you want to sum it up in one word, it would be compassion, both on the saints and Christ.

Remember that God loves you, and though that may be hard to realise at times, that will never change. Give Him your suffering (try the Sacred Heart), and keep going! The worst thing to do is to give up, because the difference between a saint and a sinner, is that the saint kept picking himself up when he fell.

Hope that helps.


We tend to blame God for hardships in lives. But often times things happen just as the consequence of series of events. After all, God gives human freedom and allows us to live in a world governed by His natural law. Things do happen within His natural law. A cause resluts in a consequence.

When we face hardship, we offer up our pain, we also pray for God’s wisdom and help. We do all we can to change the situation. We should make all the efforts within our ability to get out of the mess, with a trust in the Lord.

Here are some real good readings from the teachings of Saint Francis de Sales, hopefully it may help some.


You are not alone… Some or most of the Saints had the same thoughts and feelings… However, no matter what their thoughts or feelings they pressed on.

Read about the Profit Elijah… He wanted to quit. Ran to a cave to hide… What did he find, “God in that still small voice”

Pray a lot. Listen for the Voice of God… Often we are to busy talking to God that we fail to hear God.

The Saints learned to hear God’s voice… The key word is learn. I suggest you spend some quiet time, with no distractions, and just listen for God’s voice… He is talking, we’re just not listening. I find it very helpful to be alone with God at an adoration chapel.


It can be really hard to accept responsibility for the “bad” things in our lives and even harder to remember that God never makes those bad things happen to us. We are the cause of our own suffering, not the Lord! When I am tempted to blame it on God, I think about what Jesus did for us. He accepted the weight of every sin – none of which He committed. If my Lord can bear the weight of all things He did not cause, then surely I can bear the weight of that which I did cause. When I feel upset about my situation, instead of asking “Why did God do this?” I ask, “Why did I do this?” What did I do to get here?" “Where did I leave God behind?” “How do I get closer to God?”

Hope that gives you some additional perspective! Many blessings!


Saints come in many different shapes and forms. We can even consider the Good Samaritan a saint even though he did not look it during that culture and time period. Just live the best life you can, take care of yourself but also keep an eye out for others, it does not have to be epic large things, but many small things in your day to day life. Treat everyone you encounter with respect and most will return it, but some will not, so accept that, do not hold it against them and continue on.


***Remembering that God will not and cannot give us more than we can take He goes before us to prepare the way, and He is there if we wish to speak to Him. ***
The saints would never look to any hardship they were put through but looked to that which Jesus went through for their sins. In other words instead of seeing their pain in a basic human way they would see that NOTHING they went through could ever compare to what Jesus went through for their sins.

In doing this they tended towards loving Jesus more because of this, which tended them towards wanting to go through more and more for all the sins of the world. They began to realize the need in them to offer their wholeness to Jesus to do with all and everything Jesus wanted to do for the sins of the world as an offering against sacrileges indifferences and blasphemies committed against the Secret Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the holy souls in Purgatory.
Hope this helps.



I can’t give you the answer as I am not a Saint but I can point you to a book in which the author wrote about her own spirituality - Saint Faustina’s diary.

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