How do you meditate during the Rosary?

**Eyes closed?

Eyes open?


Other can mean it varies or you use pictures or you don’t meditate at all.

I meditate on the life of Jesus Christ. It is where you put your heart rather than if your eyes are open or closed.


Since I’m usually praying while walking or driving, I have to meditate with my eyes open! :wink:

Usually with my eyes open. I often pray while driving too, and even if I’m not my kids are usually nearby and I have to keep an eye on them. :slight_smile: I try to picture the mysteries in my mind as best as I can.

I do both. Eyes open, unless, I feel I’m starting to get distracted, I close my eyes, recall a picture of the mystery, and I’m back where I should be.

I voted “Other” because I keep one eye open and one closed.
joking! :slight_smile:

It depends on where I am. If I’m driving (is this ok/safe? I have to drive long distances sometimes) my eyes are open of course. If I’m at home, they are usually closed…unless I’m very tired and might fall asleep.

Do not do with Yoga, this is not proper though some Catholic churches have approved of doing so in error. God Bless the Rosary is peace and grace.

Yeah, I wouldn’t touch yoga but this is meditating on the Passions of Christ and others.

Agreed Yoga phenomenon has not been addressed by the RC

Sometimes people have become possessed by practicing yoga. During deliverance their body contorts into painful positions. If you would have told me this when I was young I would say you are crazy. I don’t know the how’s and why’s but I know for a fact now this is so.

  I believe we should practice our Catholic faith in an orthodox manner.  We should be very wary of  eastern meditation techniques.  

God Bless You All,

It depends. If I follow it on tv, I’ll have my eyes open. If I feel as if I’m getting distracted, then I’ll close my eyes to help focus on the Mysteries better. I guess you could say I do both.

I pray it while I try to sleep. So half open, half closed

I almost always close my eyes. I wish there was a good video Rosary online that had scenes relevant to the mystery I am praying but I don’t know if any such thing exists or not.

Eyes open, because I focus better with an image in front of me, even as I tune out the image in front of me to focus interiorly. Whatever works best.

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