How do you minimize your lenten sacrifices, that is, cheat?

I gave up sweet baked goodies for lent, so now my kitchen is full of maple frosted mini-wheats, bananas, orange and grape diet sodas and candy orange slices. It’s amazing how these “unofficial” sweets just found their way into my grocery cart. :o I’ve also been eating cake on Sundays and on St. Joseph’s Day and Annunciation - big feasts, after all!

So now, for the last two weeks, no more Sunday treats, no more frosted cereal, no more orange slice candies. Fresh fruits and diet sodas can stay, though.

How about you - or am I the only cheater here?


Apart from fasting/abstaining on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and abstaining from meat on all Fridays in Lent everything else you do is voluntary so there is no cheating possible. You are not required to give up anything on Sundays.

Yes, thank you, I’m fully aware that it’s all voluntary and that there’s no requirement to sacrifice on Sundays. I’m also aware of my lack of generosity in my voluntary sacrifices, so I’m laughing at myself a little and getting serious as we approach Holy Week.


I decided I’d do the no sugar thing, but have fallen into the trap of using artificial sweeteners as a substitute, so I’ll have to stop that :tsktsk:

I gave up chocolate and sodas and have had no problem there. Even on Sundays that has been easy enough to stick to. But then there’s the eating between meals thing that I also promised to give up… For the most part, I’ve done pretty good, but I have found some of my “meals” that kind of artificially extended the reasonable time frame of a meal. Yesterday, I was outside with my boys all day at a Boy Scout function, and I found myself snacking between meals - a pack or two of peanuts, a couple of granola bars (with no chocoate). I didn’t feel too guilty. But you are right - time to get serious for the “home stretch”.

I have given up sugary treats as well, and well let just say I think I’m addicted to yogourt now :slight_smile: I’m eating at least 3 a day. Also putting in sugar in my tea, but besides that I have done very well. I can’t wait to eat a chocolate easter bunny though

You’re not cheating if you eat your sweets on a Sunday. At Mass the priest said that the time of lent is not about giving up a bad habit for 40 days and then after Easter go back to our bad habits. But it is an opportunity to grow close to Jesus and to make these changes permanent. With that said I know me and I decide to do just a couple of small things I knew that I pretty much could do-but I still fell short a few times. But all in all I have had positive results and I am developing healthier habits. One of the things I gave up was blogging here-I was hooked-big time. I spent so much time that it take away from other responsibilities I was supposed to do and my prayer time. So Sundays I can blog…I’ve noticed that even on Sundays when I do blog I do it alot less. So I do hope to keep this a Sunday event only. I also gave up chocolate my other great addiction I only fell once (that really surprises me) but I found that my sweet intake did decrease as well-I think if I tried to give up sweets completely I would have fallen short almost immediately & given up completely. So I am very happy with my puney little sacrifices a year ago I couldn’t even do this.

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