How do you plan to observe this Advent?

How do you plan to observe this Advent as we wait for Christ’s coming at Christmas?

by teaching about Advent and planning Advent retreats for each level of CCD

Attend one or two retreats, go to mass, pray and pray 15 mysteries daily each day from december 1st to 24th and do total cutback on sweets and soda in the same time period.

By praying several times a day and doing the St. Martin’s Fast till Christmas.

Oh and I just got in the mail the “Catholicism” series by Fr. Robert Barron from Word on Fire. I can’t wait to start learning!

An Advent wreath, fasting, praying. Making Advent food :slight_smile:

As a member of this group…

…I have been observing the Fast Of St. Martin. Starting 27 November, my daily spiritual reading for the next year will be the entire THE LITURGICAL YEAR by Dom Prosper GGueranger, O.S.B.:coffeeread:

I’d like to get an advent wreath. Not sure if I can find this is your typical walmart or target? I’m also going to read the Magnificat for Advent and really try to stay focused on Jesus’ coming rather than get caught up with the other things that don’t really matter.

by forcing people to celebrate S:ta Lucia with the traditional luciatåg.:slight_smile:

What is the St. Martin’s Fast?

Scout :tiphat:

By making a Jesse tree with my kids - each ‘ornament’ reminds us of something in salvation history and goes along with a Bible reading. I’m hoping to get the bulk of Christmas shopping done in the next couple of days so I don’t have that getting in the way.

Again, from the CFP website…:compcoff:

“9a. Penitents are to observe a pre-Christmas fast from November 12, the day after the Feast of St. Martin, until Christmas and a pre-Easter fast from Ash Wednesday until Easter.”

That is, 12 November - 24 December, remembering that we do not fast nor abstain on Sundays and Solemnities :yup:

Hm, i see that i wrote from december 1st to 24th. From monday november 28th to Saturday eve december 24th is correct.

its all depend on the level of CDD . i think there is nothing amazing in it if the level set the can be done easily

so excited about Advent this year!! with my younger kids, I’m going to be doing this study:

for my godchildren, Im making Advent calendars that I’m designing to teach about Advent.

For myself, I’m doing thisBible study,

and, this,

I don’t know how the celebrate Advent.

Greetings to those posting and or reading this thread,

I shall celebrate Advent as I would do Lent. It is my goal eventaully, of course with God’s grace to practice Lent all year as everyday should be a day of penance and should be lived in the expectation of Jesus’s return.

I will also be praying for the grace of perseverance as I have not decided to pursue another degree as well and thanksgiving to God because of this opportunity.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

By going to Church on Sundays. I will also try to find an Advent Wreath and light the candles and pray.

Tomorrow I’m bringing my violet altar frontal to the church and assisting in the setup. Then I’m planning on attending as many TLM’s as possible during Advent

Any comment?
custom koozies

Well dude I didn’t make any plan I did without the plan and this is mine style. I didn’t make any plan for any work ever. I just do abruptly…

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