How do you pray for our Priests and Religious?

Thank you. I have a few sins for which to offer my crosses. :blush:


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

I always add a general prayer for all Bishops (including the Pope) priests, and religious- brothers & sisters, to my daily intentions.

My community also publishes a calendar for daily prayers for the priests, with every priest in our diocese, retired & active, being rotated throughout the year. I remember this priest, as well as some priests with whom I have personal relationships with in my evening prayers.

I have always included the “brothers” because, growing up, we had a Franciscian brother in my parish, and my husbands uncle was also a Franciscian. I also live near a Trappist monastery, which I don’t attend as often as I would like to :(, but I also remember them daily in my prayers, as they wonderful asset to our diocese, and make the most wonderful bread you have ever tasted!! :smiley:

Everyday. I dedicate a mystery of the Rosary to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, priests, all those in religious life, the Holy Father, my family and friends, etc.

In Br David’s case, I mentioned him specifically, because he asked.

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Abbey of the Genesee? I love that place. The abbot was my spiritual director before I entered the Carmelites. Its also the place where I bought my copy of the Collected Works of St John of the Cross.
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Yup! That’s the one!! :smiley:

Every rosary is offered for the intention of all religious…priests, brothers, nuns and tertiaries…

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