How do you pray (methods)?


How do you pray (methods)?


I saw this interesting method on mental prayer a while back but it’s a bit complicated. I am on mobile so I can’t link anything right now.


Vocal pray, meditation, and contemplation.


My mother taught us to pray before going to sleep. You go over the day in your head, asking for forgiveness where needed, praising God for your blessings and remembering those you’ve encountered that day in your petitions. During the day you can simply cross yourself for a quick prayer. Do not forsake the rosary.


A lot of contemplative prayer (Rosary, Divine Mercy) during the day. Intercessory prayer before our Lord when able. Formulaic prayers before getting out of bed (Our Father, Hail, Mary, Glory be, prayer to the Holy Spirit, to Saint Michael, and for the dear departed. Those Chaplets and Rosaries are for daily intentions and for cancer patients. Then, whenever I see someone or some situation which needs prayer, I formulate verbal prayer and offer it.


These days I sit in silence, compose a Psalm, and then sit more in silence.


I mostly recite prayers, so I rely a lot on prayer books.


Sometimes - on my knees - with outstretched lifted hands :innocent:


Try out the rosary of the sacred heart of Jesus. I tried it for the first time just the other day and is such a wonderful and beautiful prayer. The entire sacred heart of Jesus rosary can also be prayed in just about five minutes.


Charles Spurgeon recommended short prayers done throughout the day. That’s what I usually practice. Just short, spontaneous prayers. Occasionally I pray in tongues. I don’t do it publicly, though. It is basically a private prayer language that only God understands.


How do you pray in tongues? Is it something anyone can do, or do you have to receive that gift from the Holy Spirit?


I just let the Holy Spirit move through me. The syllables that I enunciate are from God, even though I don’t understand the meaning. If one doesn’t speak in tongues, that doesn’t make them inferior or less spiritual than me.

I prayed for all of the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. The Lord gave me the gift of tongues. I used to think that tongue speaking was only possible when you were in a trance, like at a Benny Hinn show. That’s not the case, though. When I speak in tongues, I’m fully aware of what’s happening and where I am. I’m simply praying with my spiritual heart-- not from my brain. Tongues bypass the brain.


Sitting in silence, and the Jesus Prayer are my favorites


My best prayer times come when I’m walking or cycling. My body is on auto-pilot and I don’t have to think of anything other than my talk with God.


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