How do you pray the Rosary correctly?

When we pray the rosary we are supposed to meditate on the mysteries, and that’s really all I ever hear people talking about when discussing the rosary, but I have always prayed it by asking a specific intention or help for a certain person or people on each bead of the decades. This has worked miracles for me and I know that I have been heard, but what I’m wondering is if it would be more effective if i meditated on the mysteries for each decade instead. I just naturally prayed it the way I do, but now that I know how I’m supposed to pray it, it seems like that way might be more effective. I just want any thoughts on this, anything you think might be helpful and informative. I’m a 21 year old male by the way, and I’ve been praying the rosary daily for about 8 months now, and it has changed my life in incredibly miraculous ways.

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The Rosary

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