How do you pray the rosary?

I know how to do it, in terms of the mechanics. I am more interested in the inward parts.

If Father gives me a penance to say a decade for a specific person or set of persons, how do I do that?

I mean, do I keep a corner of my mind reserved to think on that person as I am reciting the prayers? That is not hard to do as I find that there are two layers of minds inside of me (no schizophrenia jokes, please) and one of them can think on someone or something, while the other puts real thought behind the words I am speaking.

[As an aside, I find that the beauty of the rosary is that it engages both minds (if you will) and doesn’t allow you to drift away thinking about the brakes on the car or the meatloaf in the oven.]

But if I am reserving the second part of my mind on the person for whom I am saying the decade, I find that I am necessarily neglecting the meditation on the mystery that usually accompanies. Make sense?

So how do you do it? Do you simply make your intention known and then say the rosary with the focus on the appropriate mysteries or do you take a break from the mystery for that one decade? Or do you add a sixth decade of meditation for the person(s) that Father directed?

I hope this made sense.

I’ll tell you how I would do it. Before beginning the decade with the Our Father, I’d say a dedication to that person and the reasons why you’re praying for them. Then on each bead while praying the Hail Mary’s, I’d repeat that dedication or picture them in my mind or say their name.

I have so many people in my family that are atheists…and know so many others who are away from God. So, since I am very, very poor at meditation, I pray for each person, giving each one a prayer, and asking Our Lady, St Joseph and their name saint to pray for them. And I would appreciate any hints on meditation!

God bless, Annem

It did.

Can I ask, would you want to SAY the Rosary …or speak the rosary. In all our prayers we are in a relationship, therefore it is not sayng as per say, rather it is in speaking to our mother and father and the Holy Spirit the same way you would speak to any person.

If you spoke to any person in the way of saying the Rosary then you might lose the person or they might fall asleep. BUT, if you spoke each word with the same meaning as to others then you would get their interest and they would hear and read your heart.
And you would truly be fulfilled.

Hope that helps

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