How do you pray?

How do you pray with your family each day, if you do? Do you and your spouse pray together? When, where, and what do you pray (rosary, etc.)? :slight_smile:

I’m a single mom…I pray with my daughter every night at bedtime.

My dh and I pray an approved version of Morning and Evening Prayer for lay people and a rosary if we have to be traveling, as well as a prayer before eating, even if we are at a restaurant.

It may not seem like much, but just being faithfulness to a schedule of prayer is more important than how many prayers we say. It does make a difference. :wink:

My husband and I generally pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be together at bedtime, and we pray together at the Mary shrine after Mass.

I pray in the morning…and at night and every chance in between I can get. I pray on the bus to work, on the bus home from work and many times AT work. I pray the rosary every Saturday at my BF’s church, and in the evening when I go to Mass. I attend the Miraculous Medal novena on Mondays and adoration Monday mornings. I really should try praying more huh?

Sadly, my active prayer life has been reduced to family prayer at bedtime and at meals. The effort is there but I am a weak soul. :o I used to pray so much more…but I am working on it.

Honestly sometimes all I have in me is a thank you to the Lord for a hot shower. :wink:

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