How do you prefer to go to Confession?


I just wondered how you prefer to go to Confession. Is it face-to-face with the priest or behind a screen?

God bless you all! :slight_smile:


Either way works for me. I was quite apprehensive doing it face to face the first time. The experience turned out to be liberating, and I have done it several more times since them.


Depends on the sins lol

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I go behind a screen even if the priest knows me. The screen helps to emphasize that I am confessing to God through the Priest, and not to a mere man.


Face to face 98% Behind the screen 2%


I’ve only ever gone face-to-face, so it’s my preference.

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I strongly prefer face-to-face confession with a priest that I know well.


Either is fine. Although if I’m also looking for a bit of spiritual direction, face to face seems to work best for me for that. But both are fine.

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I have gone to confession behind the screen and sitting face to face to the priest.
It is a little more difficult confessing face to face, difficult for me and I believe for the priest.
I am just have to have the opportunity to confess.
And it is great to hear the priest tell me that he absolves me from my sins. What a wonderful feeling.


Behind the screen.

Wether or not there is a screen, I usually almost always kneel.


Personally, face to face allows me to comprehend and really “take in” the priests advice, also while in confession we have a good chat on many things :slight_smile:


When given the option, I do face-to-face. My last parish did it, and I never went behind the screen. My current parish, though, only does confession through the screen, though.

I like to go face-to-face.

Through the screen, while kneeling, and I’m usually in and out in 5-8 mins.

I get annoyed when people take way too much time in confession.
It’s not therapy, keep it moving people. If you need to chat, make an appointment.

Don’t be annoyed when others take longer in the confessional. Being there is an emotional and very spiritual experience. Sometimes those going to confession are asking the priest for help in avoiding a scene. Sometimes the priest offers advice about living a better life. If you want to get in and get out quickly, and not to have to wait, you might consider making a confession appointment with a priest.
Be patience with your brothers and sisters who are ahead of you in the confession line.


I can be patient to a point.

I’ve gone to places for confession on time or early and have still waited over an hour when I was third in line.

That is ridiculous.

In all the years I have gone to confession, I have not seen anyone in the confessional over 10 minutes.
As I said, you do have the option of scheduling an appointment for confession.
The only thing I do not like at my parish is the time for confession which is Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Somtimes weddings on Saturdays overlap into confession time. We have only one priest at our parish, so weddings sometimes mean than confessions will not start on time.

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Screen. It’s faster, whether I know the priest or not. Usually there’s a line and I don’t like to keep other people waiting.

It depends on where I am. If I’m at our parish, we have a choice. I prefer the screen there. If I’m at the hospital for a Dr appointment, I go to Mass there and the only option for Confession is face to face.

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