How do you pronounce mantilla?

I always just call mine a veil. I have seen this word many times in print but do not know which way to say it. Do you pronounce the L’s or is it said with silent L’s as in tortilla?

I believe it is: man-till-uh. That is, the L’s are pronounced.

Same as in “tortilla”: man-tee-ya. It uses the Spanish pronunciation, usually, as it is a Spanish word. Some folks do pronounce the “l’s”, however.

Man tee’ ya according to my Latino daughter-in-law.

In Spanish the double L is prnounced as a “ya.”


Yes, like tor-tee-ya.

oops im shamed.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, BOTH pronunciations are actually correct in English.

Latina, actually. :slight_smile:

Here in Pittsburgh we pronounce it “Man-till-ah”.

But what do we know, we pronounce Versailles as “Vur-sales” and Penelope as “Pen-ah-lope”.

We only trust Oxford’s.

Well, the OED gives only /mænˈtɪlə/ as the pronunciation. Of course, to go by the OED, since “mantilla” is properly the diminutive of the Spanish word referring to a type of cape (cf. Italian mantelletta), the term only applies to “[a] large veil,” not just any veil, worn “over a woman’s head, and covering the shoulders,” not just the hair.

I was kidding.

Not to mention Carnegie as “Car-NEG-ie”, and y’all as “yinz”… :wink:

I’m inclined to believe that Pittsburghers have the actual correct pronounciation of Carnegie’s name and New Yorkers are all wet on this.

The city was initially largely settled by Scots Irish you know and the industrialist did live here for many years and was well respected.

Ya got me on that one, svid2. Its is Latina!!!

Please Teresa don’t be mad :o

As an Italian and Castillano speaker I tend to pronounce the last part with a flattened tongue… MAHN-TEE-LHA.

It’s a fancy word for something put over a bread-table.

But now you know.

Mhm, great.

Since the word seems to be Spanish in origin, I use the Spanish pronunciation, which is as others noted, “man-TEE-uh.”

I don’t go around correcting other people who anglicize the pronunciation, however. “Appropriation” of language has always been culturally legitimate, eh? (and no, I’m not Canadian ;))

Yeah, I don’t correct people, If they say “man till uh” I know what they are talking about…

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