How do you pronounce Tridentine?

How do you pronounce Tridentine? Can someone give me a phonetic pronunciation?

It is pronounced how it looks: TR(y)-DENT-T(ee)NE

I’ve heard the first “i” pronounced like the word “pig” as in the short vowel sound.

But I think “Trydenteene” is the correct way as DixiesFinest explained.

I can’t figure out how to post direct link, but go to, type in tridentine, and click on the little speaker icon. An audio pronunciation will then play for you.

Thanks SL, I was going to say the same & here is link to it.

Oh, forgot to say: If you have as one of the search engines, you can just right click on any word & left click on to get the pronouciation of that word. I have Firefox as my browser but I think Windows IE does the same.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link. I guess since I have Answers set up for “one click” the address does not show up in the browser.

Thanks SL:thumbsup:

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