How do you repair a reputation?


How do you repair someone’s reputation that you damaged through the spreading of a secret, though as far as you know the secret is completely truthful?


Unjustly spreading confidential knowledge that damages another person’s reputation, even though the confidence is true, is known as detraction. If the detraction is minor (e.g., there was little objective harm done), it might be best to simply let the matter rest so as to avoid stirring up the pot again. If the detraction is major (e.g., you have truly caused this person a significant hardship by the revelation of his confidence), all you can do is to apologize profusely to him and to inform those you told that you had no right to share this information and hope that they will join you in doing what is possible to again build up this person’s reputation (e.g., praising to others whatever good points of this person’s character that you can; proclaiming, if possible, your confidence in this person as trustworthy and honorable).

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