How do you respond to "Everything you need to know is in the Bible"?


I have a good friend who grew up in the Church of Christ. He’s in a fairly conservative church, where they don’t have instrumental music, etc. He says that he believes that everything you need to know to be saved is in the Bible and that the teachings of the Catholic Church are unnecessary. I haven’t been able to put together a good response to that and I was hoping for some guidance.


Unfortunately, some people tend to pick up clichés like “Everything you need to know is in the Bible” without thinking them through. One way to nudge someone into examining his assumptions is to take him seriously. When he says, “Everything you need to know is in the Bible,” you might respond earnestly and politely, “How do you know that?” If he says, “The Bible says so,” then you can either say, “Where does it say that?” or “How do you know the Bible is trustworthy?” If this kind of questioning is done in a sincere and curious manner, you’ll either drive him crazy (;)) or get him to think more deeply about his own preconceived ideas.

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