How do you respond to this video?

such things gain so much attention, what do I do when Im assaulted with videos like this?

Ask your friend why every night Muslims have to clean the Kaaba? Either seaguls have no interest in Holy objects or it’s just simply bound to happen. Millions of Churches, statues, Mosques, etc all over the world. Some of them are just going to happen to burn up or fall down.

When the tornados hit Oklahoma, some Muslims said Allah is taking revenge on the U.S for this that and the other thing. Fact is, tornados go through tornado ally, it’s gonna happen. Mecca has been around so long that things are bound to happen there too. For example check this out:

It’s not an act of God, but an act of geographical location. Lol

I would point out it was a Protestant church, and that God was trying to show the Protestants that Catholicism was the true faith. I would also remind/ tell him that there are many cases of hurricaines and tornadoes destroying churches but leaving a crucfix, or statue untouched.

These are some examples

How in the world would this demonstrate to Protestants to go and be Catholic? Lol. Your statement is the same as the Muslims and we need to drop the superstitions here. Weather is a part of life, stuff is going to break, burn, shatter, whatever. Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, etc. It’s gonna happen everywhere.

I was illistrating how ridiculous the Muslims claim that this statue being destroyed means “Allah” is mad at christians by being ridiculous myself.

The fact that lightning has (coincidentally) hit a big statue of jesus, it has nothing to do with the muslim religion being the truth. It is simply, and I repeat, a COINCIDENCE that the lightning has hit a big monument of jesus. Lightnings very often hit tall buildings and towers ( very often times this is precisely how many people get killed=the lightning hit them when they were on top of a building). In this particular case, there was no supernatural phenoma involved. I can assure you 300 % :). Islam will never be the truth, so don’t believe everything the superstitious muslim fanatics tell you (no disrespect to non-voilent intelligent and good-willed muslims).

Ah okay, sorry that I interpreted your post as honest. I honestly believed you were crazy, lol.

I respond by not watching it. The Internet is full of “stuff” to destroy faith and God’s presence, why entertain such garbage?

Well, I think it is what it claims to be. A warning to christians not to worship Allah’s messenger. “It is He Who doth show you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope: It is He Who doth raise up the clouds, heavy with (fertilising) rain!” (Qur’an 13:12).

And the Kaaba flooding is so obviously a way of God warning you to stop worshiping Idols.

Or perhaps the Jewish God is telling Christians and Muslims that Jesus isn’t a Prophet.


Your argument that God uses the weather to burn down Protestant churches is an absurd suggestion and I am certain, very offensive to our Protestant brothers. you have in fact supported the anti-christian comments made by the person who posted the video! The crucifix above our local chapel was blown to smithereens by a lightning strike some years ago, did the local Protestant churches say it was a judgement from god? no, they raised funds and helped us replace it.

Read post #5 I have already responded to this objection. Trust me my wife is protestant, most of my family is protestant, most of my friends are protestant. I’m not one of “those” Catholics.

People can’t take a joke.

Technically it was Masjid al Haram that was flooded-- not the Ka’aba. The Ka’aba itself was fine. It’s certainly possible that that flood was a warning sign from God, but not for idolatry. We don’t worship idols.

The Kaaba was surrounded by water, not to the top but it certainly was flooded:

This was because God doesn’t want Muslims bowing towards it. Or maybe it’s just because climate and weather and what not.

Not everything has to have meaning, sometimes things just happen because nature happens.

Idk how one explains why birds poop on the Kaaba every day without admitting that it’s just nature running its course. We don’t need a spiritual answer to every physical thing. If you believe there is, then perhaps you could tell me why birds poo on the kaaba?

Er…no. :tsktsk:




The video coverage says nothing about God’s Wrath (as if it was). Don’t be afraid of this kind of bullying by someone’s ignorant promotion of it.


Too Drac16, can you please give us any insight why God would damage this mosque…

I would be interested in any insightss you may have.


A Muslim neighbor of mine had made an insinuation like this to me last fall. He mentioned a story about some church that was flattened by a Tornadoe and used it as a basis to show the falsehood of CHristianity. It was only a few weeks later that the mans roof was damaged from a major wind storm we had here. Unfortunaely for him he had no insurance for this.

My response to this was to go help him take apart the of shingles and re shingle his house. It took the whole weekend.

I never mentioned what he said to me even once. I must be learning something as I get older and closer to the end.


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