How do you see heaven?


God first
What will be will be?

As I asked this question that has been asked over and over by mankind of flesh and bone, what is spirit like because in my mind it not clear? As I evolve what will be next because its not flesh because I done that but what next?

Most people think they be flesh but have they forgot the words of Christ no flesh shall inherit spiritual matters because they are spiritual or made in the form of God. They cannot have any flesh like parts of them while some say we will evolve to pure energy but that cannot be flesh.

My mind is not big enough to come with an element, that not known to mankind more like non-element make of nothing know to men kind. I see the colors purple, green, black, white, and clear in my visions of what spirit is to me but they all is my God trying to give a small look into the spiritual world.

As I think on the pictures that people have draw in their minds about heaven it make me see how far we have come because I know everything not made of gold. I also know it will greater than my mind can picture but take a little time and think this some today?

I do love you my friend with unknown kind because I shall be pure love one day my friends thank you with love Roy.


My dear friend

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God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


God first

hi John Russell Jr


love Roy


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