How do you spend the remaining $$ balance of your FSA?


Hi everyone,
I have $300 remaining on my FSA from last year that has to be used up my March 15th.
Ideas on what to spend it on?
Here are some ideas I have come up with - anyone know off the top of their heads if these are covered?
1 - I am engaged so I was thinking about buying one of those fertility monitors for when I am married.
2 - pregnancy tests for when I get married (my sister ALWAYS thinks she is pregnant so I was thinking of buying her a few months worth) :wink: Haha, and NO this is not due to NFP being ineffective - just my sister and her hubby purposefully being not so careful about the rules. :smiley:
3 - one of those Seasonal Affective Disorder lights that people use in the winter. (I am moving to the UK from the land of sunshine and thought that might help the homesickness). :confused:
4- hmmm…TONS of sunscreen that I can then…stare at longingly when I move to the UK? :shrug:
5 - any ideas?

What do YOU spend your use it or lose it balance from your FSA?

God Bless



Check out publication 502 on the irs website; it will tell you what you can spend the money on. From my experience (working in a health insurance company), many people buy an extra pair of eyeglasses or first aid supplies for the home or auto.

Hope this helps.



Your ideas sound great. My stepfather had a ton in account and bought my family a bunch stuff: bandaids, bandages, neosporin, theraflu, digital thermometers, first aid kits, etc.

If you are going to be practicing NFP and possibly be having a family, a couple of top quality digital thermometers are a great idea.


Thermometers - great idea! Can you recommend a particular kind?


Vitimans, first aid supplies (bandaids), OTC things like Tylenol and Pepto, Claritin and nasal spray, antacids, all those medicine cabinent things.

If nothing else, buy $300 worth of bandaids and donate them to your SSVDP or Crisis Pregnancy Center or School or Parish.


Just make sure you check whether the product is reimbursible via IRS rules. I know “health supplements” (a.k.a. vitamins) are not, while over the counter medications that *treat *something are. I don’t know if a ‘SAD’ light would be covered. Best to check the website first or call your company’s benefit provider to check.

Also remember when you move to the UK you will be on different current and plugs, so don’t buy items requiring electricity. Stick to battery operated items.

Over the counter medications or extra glasses if you have prescription lenses are you best bet. Things like Claritin, antacids, and pain relievers really add up so stock up (check expiration dates first to make sure you have a year to use them up!).


You can use the money to buy a nice pair of OTC sunglasses, cold medicine, first aid supplies etc.




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