How do you spend your Sundays?


I want Sundays to be restful, and a day our kids look forward to while they grow up. Sundays in my family growing up were boring - we went to Mass in the morning, then my dad would take a nap while mom went to work in her classroom. Our neighbor friends always did family activities on Sundays, so my brother and I were bored silly. I’d love ideas on how to make Sundays a family day!


At our house, we go to Church in the mornings, and work on our hobbies in the afternoons. Then we have dinner together, and pick out a movie to watch together after dinner. :slight_smile:


Perfect Sunday is 8 AM Mass, then DS and I go work in the Parish Library, DH brings us breakfast.

We have CCD at 11:30, leave the Parish around 1 and have lunch.

Afternoon is vegging out - just doing whatever, dinner is leftovers cause no one wants to cook :slight_smile:


Sundays are family days with my son. After mass, we go to MacDonalds (Old MacDonalds) for lunch. In good weather we spend the rest of the day outside at the park, hiking, picnics, etc. Most Sundays in winter, we find some fun indoor activity – the library, the children’s museum (we had a membership), art activities at home, visiting with friends, etc. Supper and a movie often round out the evening.

This is a good intenion you have. God bless you.



You can do family games like cards, dominoes, or board games
go for a walk around the neighborhood
have pizza
watch a movie
read aloud from good books
play basketball or tennis or frisbee or catch
go swimming or play in the sprinklers
build snowmen
work on a family project like a garden or a website
volunteer at a soup kitchen
go thrift shopping or yard sale hunting
cook a big meal or a tasty dessert together
write letters to put in the mail
look through family videos and scrapbooks
invite friends over
have banana splits
put on puppet or shadow plays
sing or play instruments together
roast marshmallows in the fireplace for smores
go skating or bicycling
bake cookies
write a family story or newsletter
feed the ducks at a local pond
have a picnic in the park
tour historic sites
go fishing or hiking
go to the zoo
read from the Bible and saints’ lives
bake bread
go to the beach, go to the forest, go to the mountains
make ice cream
play video games
visit museums
go to outdoor concerts
do puzzles
make fresh lemonade
visit a nursing home
learn how to play an instrument or dance
visit grandparents
go horseback riding
play horseshoes or washers
or have a bonfire.
That’s all of my ideas!

Oh! And “rest” time when all quietly play in their rooms. :smiley:


We have a big dinner on Sunday and invite family and friends. Today it was just my mom with us. We love to spend time walking together as a family, but these days with two in highschool, Sunday is catch up on homework day for the most part.


8 am Mass

Coffee & Donuts

Wife does grocery shopping for the week, while I do company books for the week (payroll, etc)

Family lunch a little after Noon.

Work on honey-dos as far down the list as I can make it.


Cruise CAF

Go to Bed


We go on walks, play board games, crafts, puzzles etc.

Our kids are little so today it was:
a million rounds of slapjack
a long walk with dog
a pizza picnic in the basement watching toy story (mom did laundry and CAF)
swinging, soccer, basketball, chalk drawing and bike obstacle courses in the backyard
Pooh bingo

With naps for the girls mixed in too!

Then DH came home from teaching confirmation and now he is cooking & feeding kidlets while I hide! :slight_smile:


growing up Sunday drives after Mass and breakfast (only day of the week mom cooked breakfast other than oatmeal), nature hikes, tobaganning and sledding, skating, trips to museums or historical sites, outings like these at least once or twice a month. Board games and made-up family games like “Black Hand” on stay-home days. bible reading before bedtime and rosary

with our kids, also outings once a month or so, “cricket” another made-up game combo of stickball and street hockey, at the school playground, wide games like our own version of stratego-hide’n’seek-tag, another made up family game called “mystery” treasure hunt with clues. kids would take all afternoon to make an obstacle course for “parent olympics”, bike riding in the metro parks,

in both families, everyone in the family sitting around reading books was and is the most common sight on Sunday evening.

today, 8 am set up for RCIA (pick up juice and pan dulce on the way in), Mass at 9, RCIA, clean-up, breakfast on the way home, nap, back at 4 to set up for youth CCD and Mass, followed by social, clean up and leave by 8, collapse. meals are almost impossible to eat on schedule so blood sugar woes are most common on Sunday leading to sickness in the night and bad sleep, so all in all, definitely not a day of rest. DH is usually speaking at all the Masses about St Vincent and other parish activities, selling tickets, accepting donations of food and household goods, or otherwise active at some parish event like blood drive so we sometimes don’t even attend Mass together, even weekends when we both attend more than one Mass.


We go to the 7:30 mass on most Sundays followed by a very nice breakfast either home or out, a few hours with several Sunday papers, followed by a sporting event on TV or listening to music or a nice drive to visit the children and grrandchild, or some other short drive or some puttering in the garden or some reading and a nice bottle of wine with dinner or as a nightcap. In general Sundays are low-key and family/friends oriented. Since my spouse and I teach, we sometimes have to make time for grading and other academic chores.


of course when I answered it was not football season, which is a whole 'nother story


Our Byzantine chapel has services only on Saturdays at 4, so our Sabbath starts then. We go to Liturgy, then afterwards go out to dinner (so Mom doesn’t have to cook, huzzah), and by the time we get home it’s time to get the little ones ready for bed.

Sunday is a day when we sleep in (as much as the baby will let me), and by request of my oldest, serve bacon at breakfast. Then we laze around, having done all the housework on Friday and Saturday, and naptime for the baby is a time for maybe going to a bookstore for me, or Dad takes the older kids on an outing.

Basically we rest as much as possible. I need to start using the crockpot for Sunday dinner so I really don’t do as much work as I usually do for meals.

ETA that often one of the neighborhood kids will pop over to see if our oldest wants to play outside.


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