How do you start a cause for canonization?

My parish’s founder, an Italian missionary priest to Hong Kong, has died aged 84 on the Feast of Saint Dominic (two days ago) after returning to Italy for the first time since he was 26. He devoted his entire life to the service of God in the Chinese people, and he is the one who is responsible for the building of my parish’s church which is a thriving community. He lives on in our memories as being a holy, compassionate, and selfless priest who gave up everything to bring the Gospel to the Chinese people.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Father Antonio G. :signofcross:

So… My question is:

How does one start a cause for canonization? I heard we have to write a letter to the bishop of the diocese that the person died in to start, and then something about grassroots devotion to him among those close to him…

Thanks and God bless!:slight_smile:

No sooner than five years after death, the diocesan bishop can open an investigation into his life. An extensive biography is then compiled, speeches and sermons are compiled and searches, and eyewitness accounts are recorded. Generally, an organization for the person’s canonization is formed.

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