How do you stop this?

All off a sudden I will be just walking or sitting down and I will get an erection and a whole bunch of bad thoughts will come into my head. I do my hardest to get them away but it seems the more I try to get them away then the more they happen. Are these thoughts a sin when this happens?

as soon as they come into your mind, pray as much as you can for strength to overcome them. its only a sin if you willfully entertain the thoughts. males will always get erections, many times will be random and not even in the presence of an attractive female. on the bus, with your grandmother, anytime. don’t worry about them. use it as a test of virtue.

I say that to myself but I still am obsessed that I have sinned. I didn’t bring the thoughts on myself and I am not lusting over any of the thoughts. When they happen part of my brain is trying to get them out while one part just wants to give in. I will never ever fully give in to them though.:cool:

Speak to your Priest in Confession.

I think I should just stop thinking about it. I am not going to confess to this being a sin because I know it is not a sin, but the other part of me thinks otherwise.

Okay, Joe, I must admit, I searched your previous posts to see how old you are to tailor my resonse.

So are these “bad thoughts” memories of past sexual experiances/memories from porn, or are they idle fantacies about girls at school or whatever that are poping inot your head?

Either way what I recommened is to lift up the Lord and pray for the women that are coming into your head, if what you are experacincing is a temptation from the devil then he will leave you alone if you keep offering these girls up to the Lord.

Now this might not be supernatural, this might be hormonal,

  1. Don’t panic, at your age this happens all the time, I mean, when I was a teen I would become quasi aroused everyday during choir where there were many attractive girls, sometimes I would get an erection (very tricky to hide in choir!)

  2. Don’t despair, it does get better in time, once your body calms down and you adjust to the hormones. Not that desire goes away, but you don’t get random erections as often once you age a bit.

  3. Some strategies, Holy reading, purity tape sets, etc.

Catholic answers has a great cd set called “pure of heart, braking free from porn” or something like that, its a 5 cd set and is great for teens. I’m sure that your parents would get it for you if you explain that you want it to aid in your purity, I mean, what parent doesn’t want their kid to be pure?

In fact, if you have other Christian guy friends that you are comfortable with then listen to the cd set together and talk about it, maybe at a youth group.

Pray a LOT and say the rosary, our Lady will help you in this battle.

Go to confession regularly, and talk about these temptations, not as a sin but as a spiritual battle you are fighting. I don’t think what you are describing is a sin, but by going to confession regularly, like, every week/2 weeks you will strengthen yourself in grace and righteousness.

If there is a youth group at your parish join it soon if you haven’t already, pursue God’s grace!

Think about your future, be pure for a reason, for your future bride if you should marry, for the Church if you should pursue the priesthood or religious life.

  1. Ask for intercession

Go to the prayer request forum here and ask for prayers in this regard, there are many prayer warriors that are waiting to help.

that is where you can request the prayers of an entire monastery full of holy women, and let me tell you, if anyone can get God’s attention, these nuns can!

I will pray for you!

Ok, I’m a female but what I would recommend doing is saying the St. Michael the Archangel spiritual warfare prayer whenever you get one of these erections. Also, recognize that it is pretty normal for guys to get random erections from time to time. The trick is just not to dwell on it and pray about it. I would think of it as a test of your virtue. :slight_smile:

Start singing a praise song (in you mind, not out loud.) This should help focus your mind on God, and He will likely remove those thoughts that don’t come from Him.

It is not enough to remove something bad, but it must also be replaced with something good, and praise to the Lord is good.

Have you discussed this with your doctor?

Discuss what with his doctor?? That he is normal?? :confused:

The way he wrote about it, it sounded as if it was continuous problem, in which case, he may need to speak with his personal physician about it if it becomes embarrassing for him.

A teenage boy going to the doctor to report random erections is not going to get much attention. I’m not sure if you are male but when I was a teenager it was pretty rare not to have many erections a day. Yes, they were embarrassing but normal none the less…I think that he is more concerned about his thoughts than his physical responses…

The way I understand it (and, in interest of full disclosure, I’m female, so my understanding is, understandably, limited in this area :wink: ), an erection, in and of itself, is a morally neutral thing.

Therefore, sitting down, getting an erection, not a sin.

Thoughts that pop up in your head, unbidden, are also not a sin.

Things that are sinful in this situation:

Entertaining those thoughts. Once you’ve moved past the initial, “Oh golly,* that* thought again”, if you don’t take custody of your mind, and instead follow that dirty little thought on down to a daydream, then you’re sinning.

Doing something to deliberately cause the erection.

Figure out where you are in there, and you have your sin answer.

However, every time you go to confession, you are given massive amounts of grace to fight temptations like these. Every time you humble yourself by confessing even random, unbidden thoughts of a sexual nature, you are saying to God, “I really want to overcome this. See how I’m willing to embarrass myself in your service?” and God sees, and He gives you graces in spades to fight.
If you think of confession less as a place to go when you’ve done wrong and more of a place to go when you want to do right, it’ll help.

**It’s a teenager? :rotfl:
I thought it was a ‘seasoned’ citizen! :rotfl: **

Distract yourself! Prayer first of all, then perhaps a computer game, whistle a tun, book, funny video.

Even funnier, all this time on CAF, I thought teachccd was a female!

You know, when I was hitting puberty this sort of stuff would happen.

What was horrible was the one time the teacher made me get up before the class and do some class problem on the blackboard, standing up in front of everyone.

I know that’s a classic joke situation, but it did happen to me.

Dude, man, it’s absolutely normal and 9/10 times you can’t do much about it. Don’t worry, God designed us this way. Why, I don’t know, but seeing as how he also created the duck billed platypus, he may just have a good sense of humor.

Full knowledge and full consent are necessary for mortal sin. Keep repeating that to yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over it.


That’s hysterical. You surely wouldn’t want to see me in a skirt!:rotfl: :rotfl: :bigyikes:

I do cry at movies though… And, by the way, there are CCD teachers who are male…:slight_smile:

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