How do you stop your house smelling like dog?

Seriously, its really too doggy for my liking, and I don’t want to use those sprays that just mask the smell for about five minutes.

We give him loads of baths - but he doesn’t like them :wink: :


I can air my own bedroom ok, but downstairs, especially on the carpet, its just too doggy!

Do you all just live with the doggy ‘aura’? :smiley:

Don’t have dogs. :smiley:

Seriously, though, that’s probably why I won’t ever have a dog. I can’t stand that smell- it nauseates me a bit- and everytime I enter a house with a dog I can tell even before seeing that dog.

Take him/her to a groomer. There are glands around their anus that need to be expressed, once that’s done, they won’t stink. It’s best done every 30 days. If that doesn’t help, then your vet will probably need to express the glands inside the anus.

Baths alone last about as long as those sprays do. You need an actual groomer to take care of it, unless you want to learn how to express anal glands yourself.:ouch:

Also, if you switch to a premium dog food, that helps a lot too. I think the best formula to combat stinky dog is one that’s good for sensitive skin. Your groomer can probably suggest something.

How do I know this? I live with a very stinky yorkie. I’d put my yorkie stink up against your german shepherd stink any day. :ouch: Well, not any day, he was groomed just two weeks ago, he’s not stinky right now. :slight_smile:

Bee Sweet - That was very good information. Thank you for letting us know.

I also suggest getting a doggy bed with a GOOD washable cover. We have 2 in our house. They get washed at least once a week. Unless the cat is sleeping on it, that is where the dog lays down. For those in the previous thread about dogs, our 14lb cat will not let our 100lb dog lay in his own bed, well unless she is in ours. :shrug:

No carpet! Carpet tends to absorb the stink and it’s hard to get rid of it. My mother in law has 4 dogs and once she got hardwood flooring, the dog smell nearly vanished.

**Definitely!!! We did that too and now the only smell comes from his doggy bed which we wash often (or should:o).

But just recently I came across a new carpet at the Home Depot that is actually supposed to neutralize odors!!! it has some sort of natural salt/mineral in it that gets rid of smells. I am still researching it but would love to carpet our stairs with it if it works the way it says it does! I can’t remember the name right now…

also, to the OP, maybe you are bathing your dog TOO MUCH. You strip away the natural oils so the dog’s skin produces even more after a bath. A dog that isn’t rolling in pond scum or dead animals should rarely need a bath unless there is some sort of medical reason. Lots of brushing, but no baths!**

**p.s. I know it is only a matter of time before some smart alec tells you that the answer is to just not have a dog…:rolleyes:

I have two dogs, and just had the carpets cleaned. I learned a tip from the woman who cleaned the carpets - get those plug-in air refresheners. I use the oil kind set on low and it leaves a pleasant, clean scent in the house without a hint of dog. :smiley:

Feeding him a raw diet could help.

I was going to say diet too.

Also for the love of God don’t give him rawhide. It makes their breath STINK, and the smell seemingly comes out of their pores.

My dog smells like toasted oatmeal. I know that sounds odd but that’s what everyone says. I think it’s his diet. Rawhide was the one thing that made him smelly.

Agree with the above, diet is important. Some dogs do need that gland taken care of often :eek:

Also, does he spend lots of time outside? Outdoor dogs tend to get more doggie than indoor dogs.

Frequent brushing is very important to keep the skin healthy. Too many baths do dry out a dog.

We have two dogs, a Shiba Inu and a mutt. The Shiba has never had a doggie odor, but, that is a Shiba for you.

No! :eek: Don’t get the plug-in air fresheners!

I saw a thing on TV where a fire inspector was showing how they cause a lot of home fires. He was in a home where nearly everything was burned to a crisp, and they traced the start of the fire to a plug-in air freshener, the plugs of which had burned and fused themselves into the socket. He said these things cause so many home fires and that he would never have them in his home.

I think everyone who has posted has made excellent suggestions, especially about getting rid of the carpeting. I don’t believe pets and carpeting are a good mix, either for dogs or cats.

Also, what you feed your pet also does make a big difference, and not only for odor control. Most of the readily available (and cheaper) pet foods found in the supermarkets are little more than canine or feline junk food. The more expensive foods available in pet food supply stores (I swear by Science Diet) pay for themselves. Pets usually eat less of these “expensive” brands because they contain the proper nutrients, and there are health benefits also (not to mention the end result - pun intended :smiley: ).

For our golden, it is his FEET! When he starts to smell “doggie”, I wash his feet with a washcloth and that really cuts down on the smell.

Who would have thought …a dog with foot odor!:cool:

You haven’t lived until you’ve been asleep on a deserted beach and your long-haired collie-shepherd mix wakes you up by plopping alongside of you after he was playing with a dead, washed-up sand shark.


This has been debunked as an urban legend:

Build a dog house in the backyard, keep dog off limits from house, disinfect, clean, replace carpets in house; youre golden.

Definitely not for those who have allergies! The agent used to disseminate those scents are highly toxic to some of us:p!

My dog really doesn’t smell too bad but he is a poodle, I also am not afraid to express that anal gland, learned that trick several dogs ago. My vet showed me how and with one dog I had to have him do it for me because it is the only time she would bite me - ever see a dog bend completely in half sideways? Well, if I attempted to clean her anal gland she would and bite me :D.

One thing that does help is to use baking soda on your carpet, vacuum, sprinkle it on - an average size living room will need about two boxes- and let it sit there for 15-20 minutes then vacuum again. This should help some until you can get the wood/laminate/tile floors.

Of course (I am going to say it, gasp…) you could just get rid of the dog :eek: - oh, I didn’t say that did I? No, it would definitely be better to do what you can to get rid of the smell and not the dog!

I am going to add that everyone is right about diet but you don’t have to buy Science Diet or IAMS you can get by with Purina One - it is what my animals eat and after much experimentation it is the food that works best for all of them (barring a raw diet and I am just not ready to go there with these critters).

Brenda V.

Knew this was coming:rolleyes:… sorry, but any pet lover would rather live with the odor (if they cannot find a way to reduce/eliminate it) than banish a beloved family pet to isolation. Kind of hard for the dog to comfort you when you’re feeling down, play with your kids, sniff out harmful things, or protect from intruders if they aren’t even near you. Unless of course you go live outside with the dog…then you can both stink and be happy:p

It seemed to me when we had a dog that the smell was worse in the summer. Maybe that is part of the problem. We also used baking soda on the area rugs - and had hardwood floors. It also helps to keep the floor vacuumed so it is free of fur.

I have no advice - only sympathy. My mom has a (quite wonderful) dog that is allowed on my bed whenever Mom is watching tv in my room. The only tv in our house is in my room. I’m only in my room to sleep and change clothes, so I only really notice the doggy-smell and shag comforter when I crawl into bed late at night in the dark … and wake up in the morning smelling like dog and covered in white fur! My wonderful mother was willing to take me back after I had moved out, finished college, and decided I wanted to save some money and move back home, so I just take a lot of showers and wash my sheets often :rolleyes:

Side note: Yesterday I pulled a banana out of my purse for a mid-morning snack and there was dog fur on it. It followed me from my room, onto a banana peel, into my purse, all the way to work, and to my office!

Yes, my Dog has the gland thing done once a month. Our Vet said she would show us how to do it if we like:eek: , but I’d rather spend the 5 or 10 bucks it costs for them to do it;) ! Of course, regular bathing/ grooming like you said is a must. There is no stinky smell at my house.

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