How do you talk with co-workers about your faith?


As for you, either Catholic, non-Catholic, or non-Christian, what are the obstacles in discussing your faith at work? and how do you do it with charity?

Have you prayed a lot about this - to have chance to discuss with your co-workers?



They all know I am a good Catholic girl. I have been known to take my rosary from my pocket and wave it at them. And once in a while one or two will come up and ask me to say prayers for them.



:smiley: that is very interesting. I never thought about that.



I try not to preach. It turns people off. If we are having a conversation and it turns toward religion, you can tell fairly quickly how receptive someone is.



Yah, that’s why I haven’t said much about my faith after 2 years working at my company. I am not sure how others think of me…chicken maybe? :smiley: but I’ve been praying for the last 2 years to know when to talk.


Interesting thread! I like it…

It’s funny, because just today, I brought up being Catholic…never out of the blue…but many times, coworkers will be speaking about euthanasia, or the death penalty…and this gives me an opportunity to say…as a Catholic, I feel…(for me, against the DP) Then…someone may say…oh, you’re Catholic? What church do you go to? And a conversation spurs on.

Nothing ever to be ashamed of…for Jesus said if we are not willing to defend Him, He will not defend us. (I’m paraphrasing) Not, that this is the reason (only) to defend Christ…but, it’s a way for people to know your stance on things, from a religious view. It’s neat when it can start a good conversation.


I totally agree. It is great to have a friendly conversation on faith especially at work.


I pray rosary during break or while waiting for my computer job finishes running. My rosary is on the side of my computer keyboard whole day long. I have couple Divine Mercy pictures on my desk.
I have Bible verses on the bulletin board. I have 200 + slide shows as screen saver on my back up computer with Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, Pope JPII, Vatican, Eucharist, etc, etc…You get the picture.

They know I am a Catholic. But I don’t preach, except one time.
Our department celebrates each of our birthday by asking the birthday person talks about his or her life story. I gave them some very interesting plots of my background by weaving in my faith. I received an email from a Protestant coworker who thanked me for sharing my faith.


They need to introduce the subject. I have offered clarifications (sometimes strongly) or asked for clarifications. I have been told by co-workers that they like talking with me about faith and I have been told I tried to push religion on them (different persons but around the same time). The latter was in spite of the person bringing up the subject and I was simply defending church teaching, in this case priestly celibacy.


that’s great that you display your faith. And equally impressive that your employer isn’t demanding that u remove it…thanks for sharing your story here, too!:slight_smile:


How do I talk about it? … If you want to know the TRUTH ask me. Otherwise do not bother me at the break table. I do not lie, I do not comprimise, I do not apoligise, I do not water anything down. Protestants have it wrong because Christ gave them no athourity. Learn from me or keep your mouth shut in the break room on the subject of God. … I have a few asking real questions.


Good for you!!! :thumbsup: Few are so brave!



lol–bluntness is king.:slight_smile:


Awesome, Kathy! :smiley: Getting prayer requests sounds so wonderful - shows some of your coworkers believe in its power. :slight_smile:

I’ve quickly realized the potential of witnessing to the faith after a couple months at my first job. Already some of my coworkers know I’m Catholic, after conversationally asking what church I go to, and then putting the pieces together. One coworker asked about my scapular (even customers have complimented my “necklace” when it slips out past my neckline!), but I was caught off guard and didn’t explain it very well.

I like to pray decades of the rosary on my breaks, in my mind when I’m alone. (Haven’t brought my rosary yet!) However, in the break room, there is very little potential (though there is some) to talk about the faith. I am praying for one coworker, but when she mentioned her troubles I didn’t have the courage to pipe up and tell her I would.

If anyone has tips about sharing your faith with coworkers, I would love to hear. :smiley:


It is a small company and the president of the company is Catholic.
He attends the same church.:thumbsup:


I do have an advantage. The president of the company is not Catholic, but he refuses to intrevieve with any disputes from the break room


I don’t shy away from conversations when they crop up but I don’t go around preaching either. When I got a new cross I had several comment on it… so they have noticed I wear one. One guy also goes to my church… if I happen to be sitting at his table (Or anyone else he knows is Christian) he will hold hands with us all and say a resounding prayer.

I have before had people ask me about church and about Jesus or ask me for a “Christian perspective” on things. If thye bring it up, I don’t feel at all timid about talking about it.


I do, It would be very difficult for me not to. I work at a Catholic high school.:thumbsup:


I really don’t flaunt it, but if someone asks, I tell them. Or if it comes up in conversation, I’ll talk about it. But I have a very family-like set of co-workers, so it’s never a problem if it comes up. Sometimes my boss will ask me what I’ve been up to all day before I come in, and if I’ve been doing church stuff, I’ll tell him. Sometimes it leads to conversation, sometimes it doesn’t.

I wear my crucifix and St. Thomas medal, people can see it. But really, religion doesn’t come up all that often. Most people know that I’m Catholic, even though I don’t attempt to flaunt the knowledge that I am. At school, lol, I have kids (non-Catholics even) come up to ask me random questions about God and religion.

So, yeah. Pretty much if it comes up, don’t be afraid to talk about it, if it doesn’t, you don’t have to flaunt it out.


I tell almost anyone who will listen how God has helped me in my life. I speak of Divine Providence, e.g. how he brought me to rural Arkansas, and speak of the blessings I have found here, even in trials. My sister died in March and it has been an opportunity to expose my faith and to describe the “consolation in the midst of woe” which has been a high point of my life as administrator of her estate, despite 10 or 12 years of estrangement from my sister prior to her untimely death. I tell the truth, including confessing the heartache and the rewards in this situation. In other words, I just share my life’s “stories” to those who seem open to it.
I have found the “kindness of strangers”, who have helped me in this journey. I don’t think I could “evangelize” any other way. I have always been a story teller, but the topic has turned now to God’s Providence.


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