How do you "test" your vocation as a sister?


If you're thinking of becoming a sister/nun, do you go away to a convent to test it out?
What goes on?


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If you're thinking of becoming a sister/nun, do you go away to a convent to test it out?
What goes on?


The best thing to do first is to speak to your priest or perhaps a religious brother or sister that you know and get their help in clarifying what it is that you're thinking about and experiencing as a possible call to religious life. If it seems beneficial, it would then be important - necessary, really - to have ongoing spiritual direction from someone, which is the opportunity to talk regularly and look at ways of strengthening your prayer life and discerning God's will for you.

If serving God in a religious community emerges as the life you're called to live, that would be the time to explore which communities are a good match for the particular call you're experiencing. If your director thinks visits would be useful before that stage, they will tell you so.

Contacting the vocations office at your diocese will also be helpful, and might be a way of finding spiritual direction. But it's important to walk before you can run. If you're really going to make a lifelong commitment, taking a couple of years to discern it is sensible and appropriate, and spiritual direction is the best method of achieving this. Prayer and guidance are what is needed. And involvement in church ministries, particularly in your local parish, is always a good preparation for further service as a sister or nun.

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It would be a really good idea for you to visit various religious communities on scheduled “Come and See” retreats. Get in touch with those you are interested and find out their schedule. Once you find one that you feel comfortable with, build up a relationship and visit often. Don’t be too hasty to want to try out your vocation. Always build a relationship first. Think of joining a religious community as a marriage. You wouldn’t jump in without knowing everything about the person/community would you?


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