How do you tolerate Non-Christian Faiths?


Clean, Civil debate people.


Personally, I tolerate them just fine.


You make it sound as if we only “put up” with non-Christians because we “have to”.

I don’t like the word tolerate at all.

I respect all non-Christian faiths by learning about them, and I come into contact every day with people who are not Christians.

I treat everybody the same, and if for some reason the topic of religion comes up, and I discover they are of a non-Christian faith, I simply continue on conversing with them, without any scorn.

I do pray for all non-Christians in the world, that they may one day see the Truth in Jesus.


Q: How do you tolerate Non-Christian Faiths?

A: With Non-Christian Herbal Tolerate All Over Body Spray by Ronco, of course.


Out of curiosity, I ask you the same question, but in reverse. Pagans I know (my ex friend is a Wiccan…you can read about it in “Why hate pagans?” thread) have spoken about much about persecution, and desire for Christianity to make amends in light of that persecution.

Question: How do you (and other pagans) tolerate the Christianity?


I’d like to say that I tolerated non-Christian religions better than I do, even though I often feel I try to mediate conflicts between the two groups. It’s not that I find the non-Christian people (who I know and am more frequently in contact with, online or in person) evil or even “wrong,” per se, I so often find other faiths to be invasive, especially when other faiths condemn me for *my *faith. Often when I feel invaded, I don’t deal with it as well as I’d like. I begin stereotyping, which I hate doing because I hate being stereotyped. At best, all I can do is ignore it.


By trying to learn, and trying to teach.

By talking, and listening.

By seeing the truth behind what they believe, and looking at that truth rather than any errors I see.

By encouraging them to seek truth, no matter where they find it.

A lone Raven


Well growing up in Asia where majority are non Christian and even right now being the only Christian in my family, certainly there were thing that they do not understand why we need to do, my mum never stop me from attending church but she doesn’t want me to go for the baptizm and unable to tolerate when i told her i need to tithe for my church…she used to complain that i caused so much trouble for her when we need to pray to my ancestor that i unable to carry the joss stick and unable to take food offered to them…etc… However thing changed slowly where she became more acceptance towards my faith…Praise the Lord, we have to believe that God moves everyone everywhere and anytime. We need to be patient to allow God to work upon it.


By understanding that we are all looking for same thing and understanding that God has give a ray of Truth to all religions. I try to find that ray of Truth in the Non-Christian faith as well as my own.


As a Christian I am called to do more than tolerate; I am commanded to love. Everyone. As John Cleese once remarked, “The plumage don’t enter into it.”

Tolerating actions is another matter. I will always oppose evil to the best of my ability and stand up for truth when the alternative harms someone.



Good answer, but I just want to add that by seperating the person from their actions we can love all. This does not mean that I have to like or tolerate behavior that is contrary to my faith. That being said;
I am not confrontive, I just choose not to expose myself or my children to that which I find objectionable. If a situation comes up where I need to say something, I usually am very polite but firm as to why I cannot be near a situation. My ex was a pagan, actually he considered himself a high priest, and while married to him, I had to endure rituals done in my home until I put my foot down about it. I will not ever allow that to happen again.


As a Catholic, I treat everyone as I wish to be treated…which translates to kindness, assistance, civility, etc.
As for anyone’s faith, that is their own.
I need not “tolorate” it as I only attend The Holy Mass.


I agree with Kellie’s response. I just treat them well.

I’m reluctant to do the proselytization gig. I’ve always felt uncomfortable about the protestant denominations banging on doors and bibles, etc.

But Catholics get knocked for not evangelizing. For my part, I just try to set a good example and maybe talk about the faith at the opportune moment if it ever arises.


There is a universal philosophy called the Golden Rule. I treat everyone with the same respect that I wish to be treated.


I can disagree with or not accept another faith, but I dont plan on doing more than that. What else can you do?

Dont tell me, I dont want to know.


I tolerate them just fine.


I agree with Catsrus.

Ours is to love, tolerate, be patient, understanding, kind considerate and to treat others as we would like to be treated.

We are all making our way in the world. It is not for us to question where someone else is on their journey. We never know to whom the Holy Spirit choses to speak, nor how or when. We may be criticising a future Saint of God.

Pax Christi


I try to live and let live because I believe that since God does not force Himself on anyone, I shouldn’t force my beliefs on anyone else. However, since I am convinced that Jesus is the only way to salvation :thumbsup:, out of love and concern for those I come into contact with, I try to share what God has done in my life whenever the opportunity arises. If someone wants to know more, I gladly share it because it is truly Good News, which is what the word Gospel means. However, if someone is at peace with themself and does not see their need for God, and if they don’t see that I have anything to offer them, then I respect that and I pray for them. Of course, I’m human and am probably making this sound more idealistic than it really is. I have no delusions about my own failings. :o

Sadly, I find many people hostile toward my beliefs as a Catholic Christian :eek:. Often, the subject of religion comes up and those involved are usually very “tolerant” of a wide variety of beliefs. I usually never get past identifying myself as a Catholic before someone says something like, “Well don’t preach to me.” or “With all the pedofile priests running around, you guys are hypocrites.” I’m not exaggerating. I’ve actually heard these things.

I’ve also found that many Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant alike, are very, let’s say, enthusiastic and come across badly. In most cases, this kind of behavior is rooted in their own insecurity in their beliefs or in a true, but misguided, concern for others.

Maybe others’ experiences are different, but overall I can honestly say that in my day to day experience I am much more tolerant of others’ beliefs than they are of mine.


I heard a story from an Anglican minister friend of mine. He had a new member of the congregation. By coincidence, since this new fella came, his sunday attendance started to fall. It started to gain momentum. Then one day he had a knock on the door. It was the new fella. He was unable to speak, he coughed and spluttered 'I must speak to you, now, now, urgent, you won;t believe, now now!!

Myu friend took him into his study. He started from the beginning. 'You see, when I got my doctorate in Philosphy, I was convinced Christendom was supersitious nonsense. I made it my duty as a convicted aethiest to attend your [and others] churches and to show your congregation the error of their supserstitious ways. To prove there was no such thing as God.

Any how, I found it quite easy. Most Christians have a simple faith which just does not stand up to a philosophy Doctorate.

Any how, I went into town. I parked my car and walked across the bridge [over the river]. I was being scornful of the reasons why some Christians believed. I asked almost mockingly as I walked along ‘ok God, if you are there speak to me. Go on, I dare you’! Nothing came. I thought, no I thought not. Then I said ‘ok, I would like to believe if You really exist, a Christian told me that if I confess my sin and ask the Lord to enter my life, You will. Ok, I confess my sin. Come into my life’!

I heard a voice ‘ok John, I hear your prayer and I am He who is answering it’! ‘I stopped, shook my head’ thought ‘this is nonsense. Again the voice spoke ‘No John, you did not imagine it. It is I who am and I am still here speaking to you now’. Now I ask you now that I have entered your life, what are you going to do about it’?

He never completed his journey. He turned on his heals ran back to his car, drove as fast as he could to see the minister. He fell at the ministers feet ‘I am a sinful man’. Why me? Why did God chose me?

. He gave up his career, studied, was ordained and today he is a powerful Evangelist. Today he is committed to swelling congratations. Woe betide anyone who dares tell John that God does not exist.


The moral to the story above [which is absolutely true]. When dealing wiht non-Christian faiths, we never know when we are going to meet John’s who are still on their journey. :slight_smile:

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