How do you trust in God’s promises of protection when bad things are happening to other people?


So I have a 2yr old that was recently hospitalized. She has since been released and is doing fine, but now every single day I worry about her health. When we were there, there were kids with leukemia, with pneumonia, and all other diseases parents never wish upon their child. I pray to the Lord every single day to be released from my fears, but I every time I pray at the back of my mind I still have so many fears and what ifs and questions. If God allows suffering for others, what’s stopping him from letting me or worse, my child, to suffer? Should I just be grateful that He doesn’t (for now!)?


We can’t know what might happen in the future. None of us are guaranteed a life free of pain and suffering. Even Jesus suffered, and we’re called to follow Him through our own trials.

What we do know for sure is that no matter what happens, God will be there with us every step of the way, and nothing can happen to us outside of what He permits to happen.

He can bring good even out of terrible things, even if we can’t understand how until we get to Heaven. And I totally understand how hard and scary that is because I have kids that I worry about too.

He is our Comforter and our Shepherd in the good times and the bad. The Lord gives, and sometimes He takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Just keep praying and trusting. Give your daughter to the Lord…He loves her even more than you do, and knows what’s best for her. Sometimes if we try and grip onto our loved ones too tightly, God has to teach us that we need to put Him first before all others.


Hi manilenya22,

I can understand your fears and concerns.

I have many health concerns that I have to live with and deal with on a daily basis. They’re chronic, and I have to go to the hospital on a regular basis to take care of them.

Sometimes they can flare up and be serious, and I think about that, and what I have to do when that happens.

I also think about the environment that I’m in when I’m there–that there are other patients who have been in a worse health situation that I’m in at the moment, but that too, I’ve also had my share of serious illnesses in my lifetime, where I’ve been near death.

So, I personally think that we just have to trust in God to take care of us/our family members.

I try and take things as they come, and I know that it’s easier said than done, especially if we or our family members have been seriously ill, or have been around others who have been facing serious illnesses, too.

I just try and go “one day at a time,” and face everything as it comes, rather than trying to get too far ahead of myself. Otherwise, I start to feel too overwhelmed.

God bless you and your dear daughter and your family, and I hope that you can find some peace of mind and comfort when dealing with these health concerns.

Prayers said for you and your family. :heart:


sounds like you may have some anxiety issues concerning your child, it’s not healthy to think the way you do and as good Catholics we know that the devil can torment you in many ways, Jesus before he ascended told us not to Fear and it is good advice. Trust in God and know for sure that every thing that happens is for your and your families good.
As a parent I understand your issues but life is so much better when you give thanks for each day at a time tomorrow is not ours to worry about. God Bless


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