How do you want YOUR parish priest to dress?


Outside of Mass, how would you prefer your priest to dress when working arounf the parish or in public. Please explain why.

  1. Cassock always.

  2. Black pants and black shirt with Roman collar (and maybe black blazer).

  3. Regular “business casual” clothes like khakis and button-down shirts.


Both of our priests always look so sharp in their neatly pressed, clean black shirt, black suit jacket, black pants, shiny black shoes, and Roman collar. :slight_smile:

They also both have dark skin colouring, dark eyes, and dark hair, neatly cut short - they are very good-looking, and take the proper care in their dress and grooming. :thumbsup:


Does the first option include religious priests wearing the habit of their order?


The way they do know…no need to change…by the way they dress in cassocks…wonderful things!


The cassock is the way to go. It’s deeply rooted in tradition, looks quite impressive, is apparently quite cool for those summer months, and clearly distinguishes a priest.

Of course, I can cede that the Roman collar with shirt and pants are much better than “business casual” clothing. Far better! There’s nothing wrong with this at all. I would much prefer the cassock but this is okay.


I think the post was just asking for preference of Diocesan priests. There are, of course, religious priests who work in a parish so I could be wrong. In that case I would consider the cassock to mean habit.



I knew a priest who would always wear his cassock in public. Or at least his Roman collar. And he would have people come up to him randomly (like on airplanes) and ask to hear their confessions.


I like diocesean priests in modern attire, that is, clerical shirt, black pants, matching blazer if a little more formal.

I like order priests in whatever their order prescribes as a habit.

My only point in priests dressing as priest is so that they well, look like priests. I don’t feel it’s my business to tell them how to dress, as none of them have ever told me how to dress.


Good point.


Aww, the cassocks are down! Come on all you cassock lovers, make your voices heard!


I like to see a priest in his collar. Shows that he’s not ashamed to be a priest and make a stand for God in public. Bums me out when I see them out and about in ‘civilian’ clothes.


can they at least wear their roman collar? Priests are priests. They should be wearing their own kind of clothes like other professions. The Roman collar signifies something.


I can’t answer the poll with the choices given. If the question referred to dress outside of church business, but it states “outside of Mass”. :confused:

Eventhough my priests are religious priests, I think they are entitled to wear their own clothes at home, days off, going to the grocery store, shopping, etc. When on church business, I prefer they wear black pants and black shirt with Roman collar (and maybe black blazer) or their Franciscan habit.


I plan to wear a cassock most of the time around the parish once I’m ordained (God willing!). My diocese has a very low percentage of Catholics and I want people to know that I am not ashamed of my vocation. Practically speaking, since a good cassock can run $400-500, I’ll probably wear the standard black clergy shirt for more mundane activities like changing my oil.:slight_smile:


black cassock…


Black cassock, except in summer (too hot in Las Vegas) when they should wear the tropical-weight and white cassock that they wear in India.


Cassocks are awesome, but aren’t they usually reserved for certain orders? I was under the impression that a cassock wasn’t the standard dress for diocesan priests. :confused:

Could someone enlighten me on this? :slight_smile:


God bless you Cavaille-Coll! It’s good to see others who aren’t going to be ashamed of their vocation. I had no idea cassocks could cost so much though, it’s no wonder old ones were handed down. Thanks for alerting me to that.

AquinaSavio, you can find some information on Wikipedia here. I’ve never heard of the cassock not being standard dress for diocesan priests. If that’s the case then some diocesan priests I know are running around in non-standard dress.


our priest wears his black cassock all the time… so i don’t know how to answer your question. sorry.


The hundred-button cassock is optional for Diocescan priests, as well.

I expect that the hundred buttons are one reason we don’t see them more often - especially since they look really sloppy if any of the buttons are left undone.

But yes, they’re very sharp-looking when they’re worn correctly, and with all of the proper accessories - the beretta, the double-chain crucifix, etc. :slight_smile:


I want a priest who wears a cassock with biretta in church and a roman wide brimed hat outside of church. He should use the fringed sash with it. Black capes in the winter or black priest coats to go with the cassock. Black shoulder capes are ideal too, and my pastor at the Tridentine Indult wears a black shoulder cape with his cassock. If a priest cannot afford the real priest cassock with 33 buttons, then a simple altar server cassock would do just fine (unless if thats forbidden).

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