How do you watch TV?

What kind of TV do you have?

I got rid of all TV! I can stream EWTN for free online but I don’t always have time. I just know I don’t miss it. And if there’s a big game on, I go to the sports bar. :smiley:

We have a regular TV that we only use for:

1)Video games
2)Rental movies
3)Home videos

It’s on a wheelie cart that we wheel out to the living room when we want to watch something.

I have an old 1980’s Toshiba downstairs which still works, and a 1994 Zenith upstairs. As I said in another thread, I’m debating tossing them both in 2009 when they go to all-digital broadcasting, rather than buying the convertor boxes necessary to use them after this date, even though we’re supposed to get vouchers to help with the cost. There’s just too much trash on TV, and I can see the news and EWTN online.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this:

Like many of you, because of the perversions and trivial use of sexuality to sell product and ideologies I have no network or cable tv. I buy videos from EWTN or and watch those on a set. Also as many have acknowledged you can streamline EWTN from the internet or call your cable companies to carry EWTN in your area. What a great apostalate that is for the Faiith! Also check out some of the old classic movies from the thirties and fourties especially Frank Capra movies. They are great–better than many sermons one might here today. God bless you all.


I watch a little satelite. I’m not much of a tv junkie at all.

Cable. All the TVs in my house are linked to the cable!

Only what floats to me through the air for free. :smiley: I refuse to pay for the **** that comes over the cable - ahh, the days when cable meant no advertising! What ever happened to that?

One of these days we may have to break down and pay the evil fee, but only if we end up moving to somewhere that has no regular reception. My poor Dad has to pay for his or he would not see anything but snow in his area. He’s too far from all the local towers to get anything over antenna.



I’m not much of a TV person. The shows I do like I just catch on TV links.

But I have digital cable.

Well I’m different than most here, at least based on the replies so far. We have satellite. 2 big screen HDTVs, 1 flat panel HDTV, 1 EDTV and 1 regular TV, all hooked up to satellite.

Silly thing is that we don’t watch very much TV, we do rent movies and watch as a family. I’m a sci-fi geek and like to watch FIREFLY and all the various STAR TREK series shows, but I have many of those on DVD. Both my wife and I watch The History Channel, Discovery, and some of the HD channels. My daughter is allowed to watch the Disney Channel on the weekends, often she prefers to read. I tune into EWTN occasionally. Of the 250 channels we get, we probably actually watch only a handful. I tend to have the TV on in the bedroom when I read, so I only half-watch it then.

Typing this makes me wonder why I pay for all those channels :confused:

My husband would love to come to your house, Melensdad. He really wants a big screen HDTV. Our living room is waaaaay too narrow to accomodate one, but maybe someday.

We have satellite. We had cable but they kept messing around with our rates after our introductory year was up, so we cancelled them.

I’ll admit, I like to watch TV. I can’t just sit and stare at it, I’ll read or sew or something while it’s on. We’re sci-fi geeks too, that channel definitely gets the most usage in our house.

I do watch some tv, although not on my tv. I watch both cbs and abc online. Usually I’m at work in the evening, so that way I don’t have to worry about recording stuff.

I don’t have cable, but that is mostly because I’m poor and can’t justify spending my little bit of money on a whole bunch of channels that I won’t watch. I do miss having TLC, Discovery, and the home and food channels. :rolleyes: But I will survive! :smiley:

A couple years ago I refused to pay for cable/satellite but when my wife started pushing for it so she could watch the History Channel, Discovery, etc I finally broke down and ordered satellite. I figured if I was going to pay for TV channels, then I should get a big screen HDTV too. So for “her” birthday I had a 56" widescreen HDTV delivered along with satellite. Its been “downhill” with the TVs ever since. I have to admit, HDTV is an amazing thing and bigger really is better :thumbsup:

I grew up in an area where cable was the normal means of receiving broadcast channels. (Too many mountains and valleys for anyone to receive a decent signal, even with a outside antenna. ) This was back in the 1960s. And now most cities around here don’t allow television aerials that can be seen.

So we have cable. And we mostly watch cable channels. We do watch 24 and Numb3rs when they are on but other than that we mostly watch SciFi, National Geographic, TNT, Discovery, TBS, and channels like that.

That’s our issue now. When we moved into our house, there was a huge antenna on top, we got CBS and NBC, that’s it. So, we went for cable. When the time came to switch, the satellite companies had our local channels, so here we are!

We have Satellite, but are changing to cable. We watch TV Land a lot, ghost hunters, History channel line up and chillers mix in a soap or two :slight_smile:

We have Satellite/Directv. We also have the NFL Ticket because we have:wink: to watch The Steelers play every week during Football season. We live in Florida, so we’re not able to watch them without the NFL Ticket:shrug: . The channels I watch the most are EWTN, Food Network, HGTV, National Geographic, Discovery, NFL Network, Fox News Channel & local tv for local weather& news.

On edit lately me and the misses have been listening to OTR, mostly getting cable from the higher Internet speed

We just recently switched from standard coaxial cable to fiber optic cable for our internet, TV, and phone. I guess the internet downloads and uploads are faster, not that I download much. But my kids like to download things and that was slowing down my websurfing.

And we get more channels on the TV. What I don’t like is that we don’t get as many channels without the cable box. When we had regular cable we didn’t need a cable box.

So now I can’t watch re-runs of the X-Files while I’m on my desktop. I have to steal my husband’s laptop if I want to multi-task.

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