How do you wear a scapular?


Hopefully I’m getting one for Christmas. Are scapulars worn around the neck, the waist…? I really have no idea. :confused:
Thanks for your help.


Around the neck – Or more specifically: Over the *shoulders *(which is the origin of the word scapular).



What is a Scapular for? I have seen them, but I don’t know what they are for.


I wear a scapular medal…blessed after being in the brown scapular.


There are two lengths of scapulars I have seen (worn around the neck). The shorter one is for sports. Really there are 18 approved scapulars, but it is hard to find all of them now. Also there are cords that can be worn around the waist, and also badges that are pinned on, or just hang or a string.

Because scapulars hang around the neck with one part in front and one in back, you have to adjust them sometimes, because the back part will pop up sometimes. They are a little itchy because they are wool, but that is a reminder.

I wear the five fold scapular that has 5 wool scapulars (really 7 devotions) in it and small (aluminum) crucifix and St. Benedict medal hanging on the front strings.

Red strings with Red-Black-Brown-Blue-White…White-Blue-Brown-Black-Red
Red is always out.

Outer Front - the red scapular "Passion of Our Lord"
Outer Back - the red scapular “Sacred Heart of Jesus” and "Sacred Heart of Mary"
Between front & back parts:
The black scapular - "Our Lady of Sorrows"
The brown scapular - "Our Lady of Mount Carmel"
The blue scapular - "The Immaculate Conception"
Inner front & back parts - The white scapular - “The Most Holy Trinity”


The scapular is a sacramental. It is a sign related to some event, to a tradition, or a person. An indulgence may be obtained through the devotional use of a properly blessed crucifix, cross, medal, scapular, or rosary.


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