How does 1 Tim 2:15

How does 1 Tim 2:15 ‘‘Yet she shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety.’’ fit in with nuns?

In 1 Cor, Paul speaks very favorably about the single life, moreso than the vocation of marriage so the passage can’t be taken as him saying that childbearing is the only means of salvation for a woman.

Combine this passage with some others in the same letter, Paul is addressing two other issues with Timothy: One is that certain sects were teaching against the sanctity of marriage and stating it to be evil such as in 4:3. Certainly this issue was defended by the Church even into the 4th century. The second is the role that women were assuming for themselves which are regarded as masculine, such as in 2:12. This statement is regarding natural order which is why Paul makes reference to the garden of Eden to back up his teaching.

It fits with nuns in that nuns view Marriage and childbearing as wonderful gifts from God. However, like Christ, Paul and many others after them, they have renounced Marriage for the sake of the Kingdom. (cf. Mt 19:11-12) Or, you might more correctly say that they have married themselves to Christ, and the children they bare Him are their prayers and the souls they reach out to as they spread His Gospel.

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