How does a busy ER doctor become a catechumen?

I was married in the Catholic Church seven years ago. My husband is a Catholic and I have never been baptized. I have attended church with my husband (irregularly) for the past nine-plus years. I want to be baptized and become Catholic, and raise our children in the Catholic faith.

My concern is that I am an emergency room physician and I cannot attend Sunday classes regularly for any period of time. I spoke to a priest about my desires while we lived in another state and was told that I “needed to make sacrifices” to become Catholic. When pressed, he told me that the classes needed to take precedence over the job. I understand that in concept, but there is no way an ER doctor can get all Sundays off. That is one of our busiest days; and we are caring for the sick and the underprivileged more than any other medical doctors… I cannot abandon them!

Is there any way to take the classes privately or study on my own or otherwise accomplish my goals without giving up my life’s work?

Thank you.

Not all parishes have the same RCIA schedule. When I was in RCIA myself, our meeting night was Tuesday. I recommend calling around to various parishes in your diocese to get an idea of the options available. If you cannot find one with a compatible schedule, or if you cannot find one that is willing to help you fit instruction into your schedule, I recommend contacting your diocese for assistance. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Catholic Answers directly for further assistance. God bless.

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