How does a Catholic deal with someone trying to "save them"

Last evening I was able to distract an intervention “to save me from the bonds of the RCC”, quite frankly I was shocked that this was even happening, I’ve heard about these, but this time it was me in the center. I was being bombarded with questions and for every answer, they had theirs, as if they knew what I would say.

Two co-workers, kindly and gently with tears in their eyes, tried to convince me that by staying in the RCC, I can not be saved. Needless to say, I was and still am a bit tongue tied. Luckly something came up at work and we had to attend to that, then our shift was over, and I just said a fast goodbye, clocked out and left. But I work with these 2 next week again.

Seriously, how does one handle this? I am new to the South (around 3 years) and just began back out into the work force this past Spring. I am the only Catholic. I don’t want to allienate people but I refuse to deny The Catholic Church. This never happened to me up North.

If they were nasty, it would have been easier, but what they said was done so kindly that I was dumbfounded. Help please.

Are they Baptist or JW

If it were me, I would let them have it big time. But then I’m Irish, and that comes easy for me…lol

With that being said, I would tell them in polite but in no uncertain terms that you did not appreciate being ambushed, which is exactly what they did. I would also request that they spread the word not to attempt it again.

I would also thank them for being concerned about your soul, but you are just as concerned about theirs.

I would then forgive them for what they did, and move on. Do your best not to let it affect your relationship with them. After all, that is what forgiveness is all about.

We’re praying for you.


Do what I do (Methodists are targets too for folks trying to “save” us): Tell them that you were saved 2000 years ago. That you are saved today. And that you will continue to need to be saved for the rest of your life: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

I used to love getting into those conversations. Over time I realized that it is just useless debating though. Now I would just hear them out and not argue, they feel it is their duty to try and get you “saved” and if they are given the chance to give you the “gospel message” they will feel that their job is done. If you argue then they think that they have not been clear enough in their presentation and will keep trying.

Well I cant help you I also am Irish, LOL


Well Karen If you work with a lot of Baptist learn to like it you will get a lot of getting saved tell them you are trying to endure to the end,just as Paul did,

Thanks! great advice:)
BTW, I’m Irish too:D

WOW. This was at work? :eek:

Is there a manager or an HR person that you can complain to? This is pure, blatant harassment. You have clear grounds to sue. :dts:


Being here 3 years, I also know that Methodists are targets too.:wink:

Not really, it is a small business, my supervisior belongs to their church and I am the outsider. This is Southeast, Tennessee. Also, they did it with “kindness”:shrug:

:thumbsup: Good point

Even so. :mad: (NOT mad at you; mad at them.)

Well, I suppose for the time being, just pray a lot, and review your Catechism, and do your best to respond gently and firmly. I know this is probably "not recommended’ but if they already know the standard answers to the various questions they are putting to you, try going “off script,” and see what happens.

I flummoxed the heck out of an e-mail evangelist one time, when he asked me something about the Pope. The expected answer was to get into a definition of “infallibility” and he was all set with his verbal cannons to demolish that argument, but he was completely unprepared for my response - I said, “Who cares whether he is infallible or not? He’s the guy in charge. That much is clear from John 21:15-19. (I also had a few other verses that I also added in there, having to do with authority in general.) It’s obvious that we have to obey him, whether he is infallible or not. So, given that we have to obey him anyway, I certainly hope that he is infallible!” My “off script” answer completely took the wind out of his sails; he had no response to that.

Now, he also didn’t convert to the Catholic faith or anything - but it gave him something to ponder, anyway. I thought it was really funny that he tried to get back on script by telling me how I was supposed to have answered his question. I was like, “Whatev’, man.” :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to make their heads spin around, when they accuse the Church of the usual, just say something like, “Well, you know, when I converted I was really hoping so, but I can’t find that loose woman anywhere - everyone I meet is either faithfully married, or celibate! Man, what a disappointment!” :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

lol! :d

Hey Karen,

I am out in the Northwest now but loved East Tennessee when I lived there in the 90’s. Folks like that really do care for us and God bless them for it. There are good answers to every question but you aren’t obligated to know all of them. We should be able to say why we are happy as Catholics. I used to be a Baptist too (not when we were near Knoxville). I was a preacher. Those folks like you a lot. From their perspective, they have an obligation to share what they believe and it isn’t always easy to get up the courage to talk to someone about faith. They are happy they did what they did

What I bet happens is not a repeat of what happened yesterday. Their consciences are relieved in that they have shared their testimony of faith which is good for them, and what you do with it is up to you and God (again from their point of view). It may come up again from time to time but probably nowhere near as intense. Pray for God to show you His love for them and to help you to know that you should not be offended. They are not attacking you. They are not even attacking Our Lady or Christ’s Church or the Pope. They are mistakenly attacking what they do not know. You have to make that truth (and it is the truth) your own. If you have that truth, you can truly love them and be at your ease when the subject comes up again. If you are inadequate to throw Scriptures back at them, throw them God’s love in your heart, and you will have peace and they will know that even if you haven’t memorized the Bible, there is something sweet in that Catholic girl’s ways and manners that seems like heaven…and you’ll make them wonder…maybe even raise questions in their hearts.

God bless you…and your dear friends.


That is almost exactly like it happened, like they read from a script because they “expect” a Catholic will answer this way. But maybe a little off-scripted, but polite answer (from me) might be good.:wink:

I got that feeling, like I said, they did it with kindness, and the one woman with tears in her eyes, like you said, truly believes she has a mission to save me. This particular one is very quiet at work, the other one is far more vocal, may come back again, but she was not mean about it either, it was as if she must show me how the Church is unbiblical. I have read the Bible several times, but to be honest, I never was able to quote verse after verse as they do off the top of their head.
I love this area, and perhaps like you said, being myself, they will see firsthand, how a Catholic really is, not something they may have read about.

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