How does a Catholic Wedding go?


I seriously hope someone can tell me. I am getting married TOMORROW, Easter Monday. I am sure it will be find that I don’t know. Its 2nd marriage for both and we have met all requirements… annulments, pre-Cana, talked with Priest, town’s license to marry. I do not want to bother Father with extra phone calls to ask this question. He is traditional and does things properly, so I have no worries about that at all. whatever he says is good. If there was something we are supposed to memorize I have no doubt he woudl have told us. He said it woudl take 20 minutes max. (I wrote here of it last week – it will be just he priest and our two witnesses). I meant to try to call last week but we were so busy with the other arrangements we are making (to leave)…

But I am wondering how it goes,. What will we say? I grew up Protestant and my first marraige was that. What is a pared down bare-bones Catholic wedding like??? is there a link online I can look at?


This should help you out.

Congratulations!! :smiley:


Anything you are expected to say, he will ask you to repeat after him…no worries.
And Congratulations. :wink:


Congratulations. Relax, enjoy, and be at peace.



Thank you all so much. My fellow Catholics know how big this is, to receive the Sacrament of Marriage, even though it “looks” so small. Its big!

I looked at the vows on the link. Sounds like what I expected. I will just go with what he tells us, then,and likely that will be “repeat after me”…

I have another question. I should “tip” him something… on the internet they say $100-200 and that is not in our budget (more than our rings!) and anyway, it must be for a whole normal size wedding, with guests. I wonder what we should pay?? He is not driving there, he lives on the small property attached to the Church, and as I said above, there are no guests, and he said it woudl take a maximum of 20 minutes to marry! And should I put it in a closed envelope, with a thank you note maybe?


The honorarium (don’t say “TIP”) for the priest could be smaller if you are marrying on a tight budget. He will understand. It perhaps depends on how much time he has put into your wedding preparation. I would think that $20-25 would be ok, and putting it in an envelope with a thank you note is a fine idea.


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