How does a convert make friends?


I just converted to the catholic faith (last year) and I have problems making friends. I go to mass and prayer groups ect, but part of the problem is I'm used to hanging out with junkies, pagans, gays/lesbians, life long criminals in short the scum of the earth and I just can't relate to other Christians due to major life experience. aside from a common faith I just don't have anything in common with "church people".


I hope that you live near a city. If you do you will find priests who deal with everyone you mention. If you live in the suburbs find a city church that has a pastor who believes that the sins of omission are worse than the sins of commission. I believe that this is how we will be judged.


People in your parish come from every walk of life, get involved, go to classes and prayer groups, to the pro life events - be friendly and jump in with both feet.


Welcome to the faith!!! Like St. Paul says, you are a new creation in Christ…get more involved with church activities( ie adult faith formation groups, Service organizations such as K OF C, or Catholic Daughters, singles groups). You could even help out with RCIA. That would be a great way to meet new people…and to help them on their journey by sharing with them how YOU abandoned your old lifestyle and came into the church.

God has journeyed with you this far, and he won’t abandon you! I’ll keep you in my prayers,

Good Luck and May God Bless!


Congratulations and welcome to the family!

It can be a culture shock in some ways...I understand as a convert myself. However friends are made in the same way the world over, show an interest in another person, smile, be friendly, have a conversation and see what happens.

I would also say "Don't judge a book by it's cover". We have no idea about other people and their life experiences. No doubt if you are in a regular parish there are hundreds of people there at Mass at the weekends. I'm sure every human struggle you can think of is represented in that congregation. "Church people" are human people.

If you seriously cannot get past your own prejudices you could volunteer to help at a Catholic foodbank or homeless shelter. Most likely you will be able to relate to all the people; those serving and those receiving because really we are not so different. In fact many people choose to try and help because they have been in a similar situation themselves.

"There but for the grace of God go I".

Also one of my greatest friends grew up in a very loving family, staunchly Catholic and very sheltered: let's call her "Grace". My parents died when I was a teenager, I was in foster care, homeless, surrounded by atheists, drug users, crazy people, you name it. Yet this friend could relate to me better than anyone I have ever met! She has been a great friend to such a wide range of people, because she truly loves: loves God and loves people.

There are no "rules" when it comes to friendship. Open your eyes to those around you, see them as God sees them. If you think they are all stereotypical "Church ladies" from SNL you are mislead. Pray, get involved and challenge yourself to not prejudge others but open your heart to them. You may be surprised at the result.

God bless you always.


Where are you located? Look into ACTS retreats; your conversion experience is perhaps priceless and when shared can help convert others of all walks of life. Friendships abound in this ministry - speaking from experience - I’ve come to know many others from many different backgrounds.


This is a funny post - I laughed when I read it. OP, you have no idea what kind of people Catholics really are or have been! A lot of us have been around the block a few times (and maybe more). Give the study groups a try.


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