How does a man become a priest?

I am only 18, and I just graduated high school about a year ago. I have been thinking of many prefessions for myself. I am also strongly considering becoming a priest. What do you have to do to become a priest?

Much of it depends on whether a man wishes to join a religious order or to be a priest in the world (i.e., a diocesan priest). A priest usually has a number of years of university training, including post-graduate training, and where that training occurs depends on the religious order or diocese to which he has applied.

I recommend checking with your parish to see if it has a vocations committee. If it does, the committee can help you begin the process of discernment. Otherwise, for further research into the requirements of the priesthood and for help in discerning whether you have a vocation to the priesthood, I recommend calling your local diocese and asking to speak to the vocations director. If you are interested in a particular religious order, I recommned contacting the order’s vocations director. If you are interested in the religious life in general, but do not have an interest yet in any particular order, you might check out this site or this site. God bless.

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