How does a minor convert to Catholicism?

I was curious, we obviously have RCIA for the adults, but what is the conversion process for minors (around maybe 15-17 years old)

I’m going to guess that a teenager could go through RCIA alongside the adults.

It is the same process for any person over the age of reason.

Well they would go through RCIA, after 7(the age of reason) you are an adult in the church.

Well they would go through RCIA, after 7(the age of reason) you are an adult in the church.

I’m 13 years old with protestant parents and grandparents, and everything else, and I received Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion last night.

I’m assuming you’re the one who wants to join the church?
Tell your parents, and then contact a priest, if you need somebody to talk with, hmu with a message, since I just pretty much did what you’re wanting to do, good luck.
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same as for adults, and children of school age who are not yet baptized, they participate in RCIA usually in a class with their peers, celebrate the preparatory rites, receive instruction, and go through the various periods and transitions of RCIA and are initiated at Easter. The length of time this prepartion takes at least anyplace I have worked is about as long as it would be for children or youth of the same age preparing for first communion and/or confirmation. A minor needs permission of at least one parish to receive sacraments.

I converted when I was 16 and they allowed me to go through the adult class instead of the teenager class; it really depends on the person themselves and what would be more appropriate. I know I needed to have my parents sign a form in addition to the one I did by myself, but I’m not sure if it was in order to get their permission.

There is a process similar to RCIA called Rite for Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) that commonly is separate from the adult program and is tailored to the needs and aptitude of children. If you contact your parish office, they can help you by connecting you with the appropriate persons to discuss that process. Like RCIA, it will involve an assessment of whether you are baptized, your current knowledge of Christian doctrine, any special needs or concerns (whether you have your parents’ permission or encouragement, etc.), and so on.

Sorry, I just read the original post and note that the question related to a person 15-17 years old. It is possible for a teen that either RCIC (adapted to a teenager) or RCIA could be used. Parishes really do try to accommodate the process to the needs and abilities of the person.

There is no such thing as RCIC. For this purpose, you are either an infant or an adult. If you are under 7ish, you are an infant and baptized as such. If you are over 7ish, you are an adult and participate in RCIA. Since it wouldn’t make sense to put kids and teens in the same class as adults, they will have their own class, but it is still RCIA, just adapted for kids or teens.

Google “RCIC” and you will find many, many Catholic parishes in the U.S. offering RCIC and describing their programs. My parish does. We had a couple of girls in their early teens who were in the RCIC who were received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. They were prepared separately from the adults, who were in the RCIA program, in which I was involved as a team member.

Further to my previous posting, and in fairness to Karen, the RCIC is an adaptation of the RCIA, and there is no formal, officially separate rite for children, so Karen is also correct. More information about this can be found at:

However, many parishes do have separate programs for adults and children, whith the children’s program (often called RCIC) adapting the RCIA to the needs of the younger catechumens or candidates.

Exactly. Many parishes may have RCIC, but that isn’t what it should be called. It should be RCIA for kids / teens since they are properly part of the RCIA process. I know, I’ve spent a lot of time explaining all of this since I teach RCIA for kids at my parish. :smiley:

Yeah my parish calls it RCIY (youth)

Once again, this is something that depends on the age. At 15-16, most people would be in an adult RCIA class.

I converted at the age of 9 myself, but was not baptized until I was 13. I sat through 12 weeks of “classes” with one of the Priests in our parish (mostly, we played chess, I already knew the Catechism backwards and forwards), and then I was considered suitable for Baptism.

It was me, my sponsor and the Priest in the church on a Saturday afternoon. I bent over the baptismal font, the Priest poured water over my head and baptized me. The next morning, I just went up to communion with everyone else. Two weeks later, we had Confirmation at the Cathedral, and I was confirmed.

It is MUCH better the way that they do it now (which is close to the way it was done in the 1st century).

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