How does a rich man serve God / sanctify the world?

Or do they have to sell everything to follow Jesus?

If a rich man owns a large farm or a company that produces some products that people choose to buy, then he is serving God by providing food and products or services and employing people.

If he were to sell everything to follow Jesus, and get his meals from the downtown soup kitchen, then he would be depriving the world of his God-given talents for managing and innovating and of the use of his badly needed skill-set.

Here are the usual expectations:

  1. Giving jobs.
  2. Offering something for society.
  3. Occasional charity work.
  4. Raising up his/her own member (s) of the future generation.
  5. Not being a tyrant.

The same way as anyone else. Remember, it’s not money that is the root of all evil…it’s the LOVE of money. The LOVE of money is a sin of the poor and the rich both.

They have to humble themselves before the Lord, placing their faith in Him instead of riches, which Jesus described as deceitful.

If the rich value their money more than Jesus then they should sell everything they own because what they own is a stumbling block to the kingdom of heaven.

If they are rich FOR Jesus then that is different. If they are using their talents with money to serve Jesus’ purposes than that is different.

You cannot serve both God and money but you can serve God with your money!

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