How does a scrupulous person handle Confession?


I have a very scrupulous conscience. Every time I go to Confession I basically read off a list of my sins that are usually the same every time. I know a lot of them don’t make sense and are the result of OCD. I admit I also jump around from one priest to another, which is not helpful.

As someone with scrupulously, am I obliged to confess “mortal sins” which deep down I know are not really sins at all but can’t get out of my head? Or can I just confess the things I do that are real sins?

How does a scrupulous person handle Confession (Part II)

Find one priest who will be your confessor and can guide you. Don’t go from one priest to the next, but get to know one priest and then trust his advice.

And don’t come on CAF to repeat what your priest said and ask for opinions. Trust your confessor.


Thank you for the advice.


Scrupulosity is “a bad habit,” “a malady,” and “a disease,” according to the online Catholic Encyclopedia.


It’s definitely all those things. Sometimes I think of it as Purgatory on earth.



“How does a scrupulous person handle Confession?”


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First of all, you find ONE priest you trust to help you. No jumping priests.

Then at confession, you tell the priest you may be scrupulous. Let him confirm it for you.

Next, as a general rule, you do NOT confess doubtful sins. Now you even know deep down they are not really sins but you just cannot get them out of your head. ESPECIALLY those, you do NOT confess, and any priest will tell you that. Confessing them will make your scrupulosity worse, guaranteed. One hundred percent.

Then you are to OBEY and BELIEVE your confessor in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he tells you, UNCONDITIONALLY. If he says it’s not a sin, you believe him. This is regardless of what you read in the Catechism, Canon Law, Vatican II, or even the Bible. Because regardless of what you read, your Confessor is the one who is correct. If he tells you to say one Hail Mary as your penance, you will say one. Not two, not three, and not a Rosary.

And finally, you do not bring your questions here. This is the worst possible place for a person with a scrupulous conscience, and I will be among the first to send out messages exhorting people to not respond to you if you pose a scrupulous question, regardless of what they were going to say.


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