How does confession feel?


It is a good feeling for me when I am able to say everything.


Get a catechism! Today. Read it.

There you have it.


nothing to do with feelings!

feelings are emotive, ethereal, flushing, vary, disparaging, contradictory … all indicators of how things are, but not necessarily the TRUTH. use your INTELLECT and your WILL to determine what is right.

The old jews had to confess their sins, in public, not to just one guy in private, they had to stand at the temple steps and announce to everyone their sins. Why? Well, if it was private, man, my sins for the last year is amount to two turtle doves, no need to slaughter my fattened calf!

It is a sacrament. If we decide, eh, Jesus says we need forgiveness from a priest, but I want forgiveness form Jesus himself … is that really following what Christ wanted for us or is that us following what we wnat for ourselves?

Confession is by far my most favorite sacrament, without it, I would be lost. With it, I am kept on the path by the promises I make in the confessional … stuff like, I’ll do penance, sin no more, and avoid whatever leads me to sin.

Also, for those of you that don’t want to do what Jesus told us to do by going to confession, think of this … how many times did God breathe in the Bible? In all the books of the bible, God breathed twice. Once to make humanity and another time to give the apostles the authority to forgive sins.

maybe this will help some, hoping anyway.


I have been going to confession almost monthly for about 70 years.
When I was in high school the priest explained that the best way to confess was face to face to the priest. Well before Vatican II. I tried that then and do so on occasion until now. It is hardest when you know the priest well. But those are some of my best confession as far as feeling forgiven. I was discussing a difficult issue once and the priest said it was not a sin not even a venial sin. I was kind of shocked and he said that was his opinion. I said father you sit in the person of Christ so I believe you. That felt good!


Regular Confession also helps us to root out those habitual sins we have. If you work on one key area of sin and keep going back to Confession focussing on it, eventually you can overcome this habitual sin, then you can move onto another area of sin. I believe that Confession is vital to improving individual holiness.

I think it also keeps us on track and helps stop us from falling into the trap of thinking that we are basically good people who fail ocassionally but don’t do too much wrong so we have nothing to really worry about. I believe having to confess our sins to another heightens our sense of shame about our sins, which is a good thing and highlights the wrongness of what we have done. Then to hear the words “I absolve you…” knowing that Christ had wiped away all our trangressions and we are free again from the bonds of sin. It truly is an amazing Sacrament.


I am not sure if I understand your question.
Going into confession, I am anxious. Once there, I try to remember, but I sometimes forget, sins to confess. Afterwards I hope that I have made a good confession. After doing my penance, I walk away feeling refreshed. But this the way I feel. I can’t speak for everyone.


This is why one might want to go to Confession even if you only have venial sins. Confession helps you improve your individual holiness and grow more in tune with God and how He wants you to live. It makes you more aware of your own self and your motivations and more aware of God’s mercy and love - and hopefully you become more eager to follow God’s will and to trust in Him!

You might not feel anything, but you will grow.


Sometimes more difficult than others but that’s because of me & KNOWING what I did. But I have always had good kind Priests to confess to. Confession is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. A friend in Bible study described it as walking into the confessional with a dirty, wet, heavy, coat that is weighing you down. When you confess your sins it’s like shedding that old dirty heavy coat off and you can walk out fresh and clean and KNOW that ONLY because of God’s Divine Mercy your soul is free and clean and new. It’s a beautiful feeling. I’ve cried in Confession, asked questions, dredged up things from my past and learned a lot of what and how to confess from good holy devout kind Priests.


My own personal experience is that it is a great feeling. I usually write down what I want to say and then tear the paper up when I walk out. There is no greater feeling than receiving God’s grace and mercy.

Having said that I agree with what someone else said, that we do not go by our feelings. I have had a couple of times of going into confession where something the priest said didn’t sit right with me or I stumbled in what I was saying or didn’t have that great feeling when walking out, but when those things happen, the point to remember is that you have been completely forgiven of your sins and it is the confessing that matters and our growth in holiness and the receiving of the sacramental graces.

Also, the best feeling is frequent confession. If you are working on indulgences and confess every two weeks or so, you would be doing pretty good at getting those indulgences. (I don’t frquently make that but heard someone advise it once and so I try but it’s hard).


How does it feel?

Several times I have walked out of confession and into the rain. Getting rained on after confession feels amazing, like you’re just renewed in every way.

Lots of times I don’t get rained on, but the washed clean feeling is still there.

One time I walked out of the confessional and my water broke😮 that wasn’t a clean feeling

People are correct that the feeling varies for everyone and the feeling is not what is most important. (but it feels fantastic!)


I’ll tell you, the best confession of the entire year for me is on Mercy Sunday! Clean from sin and it’s penalty completely according to the promises Jesus made to St. Faustina.


Actually, the Church teaches that “The confession of venial sins is strongly recommended by the Church, even if this is not strictly necessary, because it helps us to form a correct conscience and to fight against evil tendencies. It allows us to be healed by Christ and to progress in the life of the Spirit.” (Compendium)
In other words, it isn’t just a pat on the head to make you feel better. If you feel nothing or even if you feel worse, it helps.


Go to RCIA


Confession is a sacrament, and sacramental grace flows from it; this is true whether you confess mortal, or simply venial, sins. It is a moment of accepting God’s grace and mercy, which is how His free gift to us on the Cross flows to us. It is as much about opening ourselves up to His grace by acknowledging our shortcomings, as anything else.

Every sacrament, whether confession, the Eucharist, Baptism, marriage, etc., is a font of God’s grace. Hopefully that is something we seek, rather than shy away from.

Not everyone can of course experience grace through the sacrament of Holy Orders, nor is everyone called to the sacrament of Marriage. However confession and the Eucharist are open to every baptized Catholic and we should seek them.


“I don’t think I am in need of it then if I don’t have any mortal sin. Explain to me how I need it if I don’t have a mortal sin”

Have you gotten a good extensive Examination of Conscience and gone over it? Remember there are sins we don’t hear about very often: Pride, gluttony, envy, etc. Also the sins of omission, sinning by NOT doing something we should be doing like helping the poor, feeding the hungry, etc.


Joyous today


For me, sometimes it’s completely fine; sometimes I get really worked up and nervous, but when I leave the confessional, I am always so relieved and embracing of the mercy of God.


It usually feels like I am no longer holding breath, and that I wasn’t aware that I had been holding it.

Things can feel new and crisp, like that first Fall day, cool, dry, and comfortable.


I heard Johnette Benkovic on Women of Grace explain that special sacramental graces are given during confession to help us overcome and stop repeating the sins we just confessed.

So let’s say you have a particular pet venial sin that you keep repeating, by confessing it over and over you will get more and more grace to overcome it. This can help you grow in personal holiness as you can try to eradicate from your life not only mortal, but those pesky habitual venial sins.


I’m, 69 and I typed out my sins the day before and simply read them to the priest, audibly manipulating the paper, and reading quickly, so that I was in-and-out quickly. It’s much more what we’re supposed to do. " name the sin, number of times " repeat as needed.

my 9-y-o nephew made his first confession and remarked that he felt that Jesus was hugging him.

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