How does cultural conditioning factor into Invincible Ignorance?

Some say that invincible ignorance only applies to those who never heard the Gospel, but could someone who is conditioned against the Truth still be classifed as “invincibly ignorant?” For an example, I will use a hypothetical character. Let’s call him Abdul. Abdul was born to a devout Muslim family. All his relatives and friends were Muslims, and his parents raised him a devout Muslim. He has found great solace in Islam, he practices the five Pillars dilligently, and Abdul can say honestly that he loves Allah. However, in about his mid-forties, Abdul obtains Christian friends, who invite him to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. Since Abdul is convinced and conditioned to believe that Islam is the truth, he declines. After all, his parents and grandparents were Muslims, why should he risk angering Allah by switching Faiths? Would Abdul fall under Invincible Ignorance?

We can not make pronouncements about a finite person’s soul. We can not know if the person truly rejected Christ in their heart of hearts and IF they truly understood what was shown to them. There are MANY factors that COULD impede acceptance/conversion.

I’m also reminded of Paul’s verse in the bible which says that a gentile is convicted by their acts. Their acts will either condemn them or save them.

Secondly, many apologists have said that WE, as human beings are bound by the normative means of salvation, taught by the church. God, however, is not limited by this and forced to follow the rules. Ultimately the rules are for US, not God.
Therefore we follow the normal means of salvation revealed to us by God. - But this does not eliminate the extra-ordinary mercy of God.

However, we can not PRESUME that God will save us by some extra ordinary means. We still need, either.

So there is a possibility… but not one that we can presume and therefore rely solely on and claim that all non-Christians are instantly saved so long as they are merely “good people” by worldly standards.

Does that make sense?

No matter the background anyone who rejects Jesus as God will not be saved.
I do not believe Muslims can possibly fall under invincible ignorance.

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