How does God answer our prayers?


Hello, I’m new here to this fourm. And I just recently returned to the Catholic church after being away for a long time-in protestant churches. But Jesus brought me back to the Catholic Church.

But I’m wondering, how do we know when God is talking to us? and/or, how do we know when God is responding to our prayers???

Also, I still have some doubts in my mind, not in my heart. I guess their doubts due to my being in protestant churches for so long.

What should I do? Any advice or suggestions?




God ALWAYS answers our prayers, regardless of our subjective feelings.

Sometimes, He says, “Yes.”

Sometimes, He says, “No.”

And sometimes, He says, “Wait.”


When you declare that Jesus brought you back, was it through the RCIA class? If no, then I would invite you to enroll. It is for anyone interested in the Catholic Faith. Secondly, go to Scott Hahn’s web site, and begin to get his CD’s beginning with his conversion CD. He is very adept at explaining the faith to protestants. It sounds like your still in a transition period so you need to continue to acquire study materials, read and learn to understand the answers to your issues.


I’ve found that when we think God has said “No,” He’s really saying “I have something better.”


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